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Wednesday December 16th, 2020 night edition

image for Frank Sinatra's Death: The Aftermath, And How Seinfeld Was Involved

The night Frank Sinatra died, America was busy watching Seinfeld.

Over the last several years of his life, Sinatra was hospitalized for heart and breathing problems, pneumonia, high blood pressure, and bladder cancer.

However, his former manager said that the antidepressant he was on for years, Elavil, was responsible for his failing health.

Five days before Frank Sinatra’s death in 1998, he asked his daughter Tina how much longer it would be until the new millennium,.

Much of the country was home watching the two-hour spectacle of two back-to-back episodes "The Chronicle" and "The Finale."

Traffic on the highways was therefore quite light, and the ambulance was able to pick up Sinatra and arrive at Cedars-Sinai in record time.

In Hoboken, the Frank Sinatra Memorial Park was opened, and there is a walking tour of Sinatra related sites in the city, including his birthplace. »

Moderna's vaccine is highly effective, FDA says, clearing way for second vaccine

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A second document published on the FDA website Tuesday shows asymptomatic infection was reduced by 63 percent after the first shot.

The meeting will largely mirror the one from last Thursday, when the panel of experts ultimately recommended that the FDA authorize Pfizer's vaccine.

Indeed, officials with Operation Warp Speed are already planning for widespread distribution of the Moderna vaccine. »

Milo Yiannopoulos: 'I Lost Everything Helping Put Trump in Office'

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Disgraced gay speaker and writer Milo Yiannopoulos is having yet another meltdown online, this time over his precious “Daddy,” Donald Trump, losing the presidential election.

Yiannopoulos kept ranting, saying, “I am dedicating the rest of my life to the destruction of the Republican Party.”

Yiannopoulos shows exactly how for many people, whiteness will always trump literally anything else; being gay doesn’t matter when you’re a white supremacist. »

Los Angeles Covid-19 Update: Ambulances Waiting 4 Hours To Offload Patients As County-Run Hospitals Have Just 56 Adult ICU Beds Left, Orange County Has None

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According to Dr. Christina Ghaly, director of L.A. County Health and Human Services, there were only 370 available hospital beds in county-run hospitals.

ICU availability was even worse, with just 56 adult ICU beds remaining.

Orange County on Monday set new records for new coronavirus diagnoses — 3,250 — and hospitalizations, with the county’s adjusted intensive care unit capacity reaching zero. »

Home Alone Is 30, Ya Filthy Animal

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But it’s also about the joy of just not having to deal with your fucking family during the holidays.

It’s hard to say how much of this movie is cathartic slapstick and how much is dissonant dread.

(The fictional movie is called Angels with Filthy Souls and, in all honesty, it’s about half the reason I love this movie.). »