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Monday December 14th, 2020 day edition

image for Child spends $16K on iPad game in-app purchases

Over the summer of 2020, a six-year-old spent over $16,000 in the App Store, on in-app purchases for the iPad version of Sega's "Sonic Forces.".

Jessica Johnson of Wilton, CT. discovered a series of withdrawals made from her credit card over a series of months, posted by Apple's in-app purchasing system.

The purchases were made by her youngest son, George, who was repeatedly acquiring in-game currency for the game Sonic Forces.

On July 9, 25 charges were made to her account, valued cumulatively at over $2,500.

After filing a fraud claim with Chase, she was then informed the charges were genuine, and to contact Apple.

Johnson admits she did not take precautions to lock down the account, but claims she didn't know about them.

Apple has offered a number of parental control options over the years to manage a child's access on an iPhone or iPad, including limiting purchases and access to apps themselves. »

White House Officials Who Completely Mismanaged The Pandemic Will Be Among The First To Get Vaccinated

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The New York Times and Bloomberg first reported that high-ranking White House officials who work closely with Trump are scheduled to receive shots of the vaccine — prioritized for healthcare workers and nursing home residents — within days.

The White House confirmed to BuzzFeed News that senior administration officials were going to receive vaccinations to ensure that the government can continue to operate during the pandemic and to build the public trust in the vaccine.

However, the White House did not provide details on how many staff members would be getting the doses and when. »

MAGA protesters damage historic Black church in DC

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A DC pastor spoke out Sunday after watching far-right demonstrators vandalize property at a historic Black church in the nation's capital this week.

One of them, a Black Lives Matter sign, was ripped down and burned as a crowd cheered around it.

Trump's infamous tear-gassing of protesters at Lafayette Square so he could conduct a photo opportunity at the church. »

Study finds that by age 3 kids prefer nature's fractal patterns

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“Unlike early humans who lived outside on savannahs, modern-day humans spend the majority of their early lives inside these manmade structures,” Robles said.

The study, led by Robles, published online Nov. 25 in the Nature journal Humanities and Social Sciences Communication.

In it, her team explored how individual differences in processing styles may account for trends in fractal fluency. »