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Sunday December 13rd, 2020 evening edition

image for Pornhub to ban unverified uploads after child abuse content claims

Pornhub, one of the largest adult content sites in the world, has announced it will be banning unverified video uploads after allegations that it has been hosting child abuse videos.

An investigation by the New York Times last week claimed Pornhub was hosting non-consensual and child abuse content on its website.

Activists have long called for changes to Pornhub’s business model, claiming it was not carrying out sufficient checks to ensure videos were consensual.

Pornhub, visited by users 100m times a day, has denied a systemic problem with child abuse videos on the site, and said the New York Times claims were “irresponsible and flagrantly untrue”.

In its statement on the proposed changes, Pornhub says that from now on it will: “only allow properly identified users to upload content.

The company has introduced an immediate change, making it impossible for anyone other than established professionals and partners to the site to upload content.

The official GirlsDoPorn page was not removed from Pornhub until October, although the court began hearing evidence in August. »

Heat at 25: Still the Best Crime Thriller of the Modern Era

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Tom Jolliffe looks back at Heat which turns 25 and remains the best crime thriller in the modern era….

Heat is arguably the finest example of this from his canon, and certainly one which holds up to repeat viewings.

Perhaps studio oversight, or a withdrawn campaign, but Heat was largely ignored by almost every major award ceremony. »

The GOP is holding up relief for millions of Americans because they want to make sure corporations have blanket protection from workers who get COVID on the job

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Not only is the idea terrible, it is also holding up the coronavirus aid bill that will get economic aid to millions of Americans.

Ed Mierzwinski is Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program, at US PIRG, the Federation of State Public Interest Research Groups.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is holding coronavirus relief for all Americans hostage on behalf of a powerful special interest: the US Chamber of Commerce. »

Increased Social Media Use Linked to Developing Depression, Research Finds

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“We know from other large studies that depression and social media use tend to go together, but it’s been hard to figure out which came first.

This new study sheds light on these questions, because high initial social media use led to increased rates of depression.

“Now that it’s harder to connect socially in person, we’re all using more technology like social media. »