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Thursday December 3rd, 2020 morning edition

image for Unmet Job Expectations Linked to a Rise in Suicide, Deaths of Despair

In the study, the researchers compared life outcomes of 11,680 men to the job expectations they held as high school seniors in the early 1980s.

The study, published in JAMA Network Open, is the first to link the rise in suicide and drug-poisoning deaths among men without a college degree to declines in working-class jobs.

“It’s possible that occupational expectations developed in adolescence serve as a benchmark for perceptions of adult success and, when unmet, pose a risk of self-injury.”.

The study showed that neither educational attainment nor the actual job worked increased risk for death by self-injury.

Furthermore, unmet occupational expectations were not associated with a higher risk of an early death by natural or other causes.

This comparison further strengthened their conclusions about a link between a decline of working-class jobs and deaths of despair.

“Our findings suggest closed pathways to sustaining working-class jobs may contribute to men’s increasing rates of suicide and drug-poisoning mortality,” Muller said. »

Sony Says “Single Player Is Thriving,” Users Are Spending More Time Playing Offline Than Online

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Sony has suggested that most of the PlayStation users prefer to play games offline, especially single-player games, rather than online.

The important tidbit in this presentation is how much they value single-player experiences for their console users.

According to their data, “”Single player is thriving” and more PlayStation users are now playing offline than they do online. »

San Francisco bans smoking inside apartments; pot smoking OK

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The Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020, to approve the ordinance making San Francisco the largest city in the country to ban tobacco smoking inside apartments, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — City officials in San Francisco have banned all tobacco smoking inside apartments, citing concerns about secondhand smoke. »

Private spies reportedly infiltrated an Amazon strike, secretly taking photos of workers, trade unionists, and journalists. Now a union is taking legal action.

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The spies compiled a 51-page document, which included photos of trade unionists, workers, and journalists who attended the strike, El Diario reported.

The Spanish labor union CCOO has asked a judge to seize documentation relating to the report and said it was considering legal action against Amazon.

An Amazon spokesperson told El Diario the e-commerce firm had not instructed Pinkerton or any other agency to spy on the strike. »

'Tis The Season: Congress Looks To Sneak In Unconstitutional Copyright Reform Bill Into 'Must Pass' Spending Bill

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'Tis The Season: Congress Looks To Sneak In Unconstitutional Copyright Reform Bill Into 'Must Pass' Spending Bill.

If you have to sneak your transformational copyright bill into a "must pass" government spending bill, it seems fairly evident that you know the bill is bad.

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