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Wednesday December 2nd, 2020 evening edition

image for New study sheds light on why women tend to have greater animosity towards political opponents

“In the media, women politicians are often stereotyped as consensus building and willing to work across party lines,” said study author Heather Louise Ondercin (@HeatherOndercin), an assistant professor at Appalachian State University.

“This portrayal of women did not match what we know about women’s political behavior, mainly that they hold stronger partisan attachments than men.

We wanted to figure out how women’s political identities and issue positions shaped their feelings towards the parties compared to men.”.

Women hold stronger partisan identities than men, and the strength of these partisan identities matters more for women than men.

We find that women’s higher levels of affective polarization are partially a result of women holding stronger partisan identities.

More work needs to be done to understand what role pro-social behavior plays in the formation and strength of partisan identities,” Ondercin said.

The study, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling: How Gender Shapes Affective Polarization“, Heather Louise Ondercin and Mary Kate Lizotte. »

'Bye-Bye, Betsy DeVos. You Won't Be Missed,' Says Sanders as Billionaire Education Secretary Attacks Push for Tuition-Free College

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"Because we were all just dying to know what the unqualified billionaire who made this problem worse thinks about helping people.".

The worst education secretary in the history of America," tweeted the Vermont senator, a leading proponent of student debt cancellation and tuition-free higher education.

Critics slammed the proposal as an attempt to prevent the next president from canceling any of the debt. »

Bar Manager Not Complying with COVID Restrictions Arrested

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The arrest also sparked a peaceful protest of about 50 people outside the bar.

The bar is in an orange zone, where indoor dining is not allowed and there is a 10 p.m. dining curfew.

The state stripped the bar of its liquor license last week, and the city health department ordered the bar to close. »

'Tis The Season: Congress Looks To Sneak In Unconstitutional Copyright Reform Bill Into 'Must Pass' Spending Bill

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'Tis The Season: Congress Looks To Sneak In Unconstitutional Copyright Reform Bill Into 'Must Pass' Spending Bill.

If you have to sneak your transformational copyright bill into a "must pass" government spending bill, it seems fairly evident that you know the bill is bad.

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U.N. Reclassifies Cannabis as a Less Dangerous Drug

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But attention centered on a key recommendation to remove cannabis from Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs — where it was listed alongside dangerous and highly addictive opioids like heroin.

Experts say that the vote will have no immediate impact on loosening international controls because governments will still have jurisdiction over how to classify cannabis.

He said that cannabis had been used throughout history for medicinal purposes and that the decision on Wednesday reinstated that status. »