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Thursday November 26th, 2020 night edition

image for That Time A Crippled SR-71 Blackbird In Emergency Was Intercepted By Four Swedish Viggens After Violating Sweden’s Airspace

On June 29, 1987, during one of those missions, a Blackbird launched from RAF Mildenhall, UK, piloted by retired Lt. Cols.

Flying a northern course, at 75,000 feet and Mach 3.0, its right engine exploded.

At an altitude of 25,000 feet, approaching Gotland Island, the Blackbird violated the Swedish airspace triggering a reaction by the Swedish Air Force.

“We were performing an ordinary peace time operation exercise,” recalled retired Maj. Roger Moller, Swedish air force Viggen pilot.

“Our fighter controller then asked me are you able to make an interception and identification of a certain interest.

Moller and his wingman Maj. Krister Sjöberg shadowed the Blackbird for about five minutes at a distance of about 30 meters.

From that position they could see that Blackbird was flying on one engine and that it carried the registration 117964. »

Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann says Trump should be investigated and potentially charged with federal crimes after leaving office

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Andrew Weissmann, who was a prosecutor on the special counsel Robert Mueller's team, said President Donald Trump should be investigated and, if warranted, prosecuted for federal crimes after leaving the White House.

Weissmann also said two investigations from the Manhattan district attorney's office and the New York attorney general's office "may well reveal evidence warranting additional federal charges.".

In his Times op-ed article, Weissmann acknowledged the possibility that Trump could pardon his associates, family members, and even himself before leaving office to avoid criminal exposure. »

Dogmatic people seek less information even when uncertain

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The researchers say their findings, published in PNAS, point to differences in thinking patterns that lead people to hold rigid opinions.

Dogmatic people are characterised by a belief that their worldview reflects an absolute truth and are often resistant to change their mind, for example when it comes to partisan issues.

To investigate this, the researchers asked over 700 people to perform a simple decision-making task. »

Conmoción mundial: murió Diego Armando Maradona

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La Casa Rosada ​será el escenario del velatorio y donde se podrá dar el último adiós a Diego Maradona.

Varios simpatizantes de Argentinos Juniors se acercaron al estadio Diego Maradona para dejar flores en su memoria.

Mientras que en Rosario, los hinchas de Newell's se acercaron al Estadio Marcelo Bielsa con flores, carteles y mensajes en homenaje a Diego como: "Gracias Diego"; "Gracias D10S"; "Simplemente gracias Diego". »