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Monday November 23rd, 2020 morning edition

image for Kim Jong-un's nephew Kim Han-sol goes missing 'after meeting with CIA'

Kim Han-sol, 25, has reportedly been taken into protective custody by the CIA.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's rich nephew has reportedly been taken into protective custody by the CIA.

Kim Han-sol is the son of Kim's half brother Kim Jong-nam, who was allegedly murdered on orders of the dictator using a nerve agent in 2017.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is believed to have had his half brother killed in Kuala Lumpur.

It is alleged that two CIA agents attempted to intercept him at Taipei and he was later taken into protective custody and remains hidden.

During the 40-second video, he said: "My name is Kim Han-sol, from North Korea, part of the Kim family.

He also claimed that Kim's nephew fondly spoke of going "fishing with his grandfather" - chillingly referring to despot Kim Jong-il. »

Psychologists find a mindset that can foster positive feelings amid interpersonal conflict

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Study authors Johanna Peetz and Igor Grossmann propose that one way to encourage positive outcomes following these interpersonal conflicts is through wise reasoning.

Wise reasoning is a mindset that involves recognizing where one’s knowledge is lacking, acknowledging multiple possible conclusions to a given situation, contemplating the perspectives of others who are involved, contemplating an outsider’s perspective, and seeking compromise.

Peetz and Grossmann designed two longitudinal studies to examine whether framing a conflict using wise reasoning would result in more favorable relational outcomes. »

‘Professionalism be damned’: Why Rocky IV is an Eighties classic

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As he was rushed to the emergency room, he must have wondered if Rocky IV had itself suffered one concussion too many.

And Rocky IV famously culminates with an actor depicting Mikhail Gorbachev giving the victorious Rocky a standing ovation.

Rocky IV became the most financially successful of the Balboa blockbusters, earning $300m (compared to the 1976 original’s $225m). »