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Monday November 23rd, 2020 evening edition

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The Obama team did not hinder him in any way, and the GSA certainly did not.

Of course, many people were upset about Trump’s election at the time, and many suspected Russian interference in the 2016 campaign.

But they did not render the voting fake or the voting machines dysfunctional, and nobody in any senior post ever claimed that they had.

Nobody—no civil servant, no political appointee, no politician—tried to stop the transition either.

For four years, the White House has been occupied by a team of people who do not care about the rules.

Just last week, Chris Krebs, the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, was fired for refusing to lie.

He would not support the president’s baseless claims of electoral fraud, and so he was told to leave his job. »

Solomon Islands set to ban Facebook in the name of 'national unity'

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The Solomon Islands Government has defended its decision to place a temporary ban on Facebook, a move it says is aimed at tackling cyberbullying and online defamation.

The ban, which has not yet come into effect, received an angry response online after it was announced last week.

Communications officials are expected to meet with internet and telecommunications providers in Solomon Islands to discuss how they will block the world's largest social media network. »

As COVID-19 Surges, LA County Shuts Down All Outdoor Restaurant Dining

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Public health officials have announced that outdoor dining at restaurants across Los Angeles County will shut down on Wednesday, November 25.

During this period, there will be no on-site dining of any kind, indoors or out, for at least three weeks.

Just last week restaurants were told to diminish outdoor seating to 50 percent of capacity, while indoor dining has been closed in LA County since the summer. »

COVID-19 cases could nearly double before Biden takes office

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The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases are likely to increase to 20 million by the end of January, nearly doubling the current level of 11.4 million cases, predicts a Washington University in St. Louis COVID-19 forecasting model.

The model, which accurately forecasted the rate of COVID-19 growth over the summer of 2020, was developed by Olin Business School’s Meng Liu, Raphael Thomadsen and Song Yao.

This will likely make our forecast an optimistic one,” said Meng Liu, assistant professor of marketing and study co-author. »