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Sunday November 22nd, 2020 night edition

image for Trump Supporters in Georgia Threaten to Destroy GOP, Boycott Runoff Elections

President Donald Trump supporters protesting the outcome of the 2020 election have a new and surprising opponent: the Republican Party.

A viral video of protesters, as well as posts on social media platform Parler, indicate that Trump supporters are looking to boycott the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff elections.

Trump supporters in Georgia vow to destroy the Republican Party if Trump doesn't win — Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) November 21, 2020 Newsweek subscription offers >.

"For any Republicans not explicitly helping Trump to 'stop the steal,' we will make sure you are never elected ever again.".

More Trump supporters on Parler encouraging folks in Georgia to boycott the runoff... — Marcus Baram (@mbaram) November 20, 2020.

Trump praised the supporters in Georgia for gathering, sharing an article about the protests from conservative outlet Breitbart.

Contacts for the Republican Party of Georgia did not respond to Newsweek's emailed requests for comment in time for publication. »

This 2-Acre Vertical Farm Out-Produces 720 Acre ‘Flat Farms’

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It’s also indoors, can be placed anywhere on the planet, is heavily integrated with robots and AI, and produces better fruits and vegetables while using 95% less water and 99% less land.

Storey is the co-founder and chief science officer in a time when farming is going high-tech.

“Vertical farming exists because we want to grow the world’s capacity for fresh fruits and vegetables, and we know it’s necessary.”. »

Women activists, political prisoners ‘sexually assaulted, tortured and executed in Saudi Arabia’ jails

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Jailed women’s rights activists and political prisoners have been sexually assaulted, tortured and died in Saudi Arabian jails, a report has claimed.

The study, which comes days before Saudi Arabia hosts the G20 on Saturday, notes 27 political prisoners were women’s rights activists - saying six of them had been sexually assaulted.

As long as women inside of Saudi Arabia cannot safely speak, it is the duty of the international community to raise its voice on their behalf.”. »

Panic buying of toilet paper hits U.S. stores again with new pandemic restrictions

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“Walmarts are still mostly out of Lysol wipes, and toilet paper is out again,” said Whitley Hatcher, 31, a collections specialist in Tucson, Arizona.

I think people are seeing the empty shelves at bigger stores and panic buying,” Hatcher said.

At a Costco in Vancouver, Washington - where new rules include temporary bans on indoor dining - out-of-stocks included toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning wipes, gloves and Spam canned meat. »

Why 'Predator 2' Was Better Than You Remember

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Released on Nov. 21, 1990, the movie is one of the underrated gems of the over-the-top action cycle that began in the previous decade.

It's set in a slightly futuristic 1997, when L.A. is undergoing a violent gang war that pits a Columbian drug cartel against its Jamaican nemesis.

On the heels of this, the Predator shows up and takes the Jamaican gang leader's head for a trophy. »