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Sunday November 22nd, 2020 morning edition

image for Mexico approves landmark cannabis legalization bill in landslide vote

Mexico City lawmakers are now rushing to secure final approval before the end of the current congressional session December 15.

Mexican senators on Thursday celebrated the passing of a bill to legalize the use of cannabis.

The lower house is expected to vote on the measure to decriminalize the growing and using marijuana before Congress goes into recess December 15.

A person smokes marijuana at a protest in favor of the drug's legalization Thursday in Guadalajara, Mexico.

'With this law, people can access cannabis under clear criteria, through licenses related exclusively to cultivation, transformation, commercialization, exportation, importation and investigation.'.

People smoke marijuana during a demonstration in favor of the drugs legalization and regulation, in Guadalajara, , Mexico,.

Senators in Mexico voted 82 to 18 to approve the legalization of marijuana, with seven abstentions. »

Why 'Predator 2' Was Better Than You Remember

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Released on Nov. 21, 1990, the movie is one of the underrated gems of the over-the-top action cycle that began in the previous decade.

It's set in a slightly futuristic 1997, when L.A. is undergoing a violent gang war that pits a Columbian drug cartel against its Jamaican nemesis.

On the heels of this, the Predator shows up and takes the Jamaican gang leader's head for a trophy. »

Study suggests the COVID-19 pandemic has altered Americans attitudes toward inequality and the poor

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Based on their previous research, the authors of the new study had reason to believe that the pandemic might alter attitudes about the poor and inequality.

Effectively, would this highly visible exogenous shock to poverty and inequality change an individual’s attributions for poverty and tolerance for inequality?”.

The study, “Recognizing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Poor Alters Attitudes Towards Poverty and Inequality“, was authored by Dylan Wiwad, Brett Mercier, Paul K. Piff, Azim Shariff, and Lara B. Aknin. »

Panic buying of toilet paper hits U.S. stores again with new pandemic restrictions

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“Walmarts are still mostly out of Lysol wipes, and toilet paper is out again,” said Whitley Hatcher, 31, a collections specialist in Tucson, Arizona.

I think people are seeing the empty shelves at bigger stores and panic buying,” Hatcher said.

At a Costco in Vancouver, Washington - where new rules include temporary bans on indoor dining - out-of-stocks included toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning wipes, gloves and Spam canned meat. »

Jailer who 'tortured' inmate strapped to a restraint chair is sentenced to prison

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Mark Bryant was convicted after video showed him repeatedly using a stun gun on a teenage inmate while he was strapped in a restraint chair.

NewsChannel 5 Investigates first aired video from security cameras inside the jail that showed Bryant repeatedly tasing 18-year-old Jordan Norris while he was in a restraint chair in 2016.

The video received international attention and led to criminal charges against Bryant and another Cheatham County jailer. »