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Friday November 20th, 2020 day edition

image for Trump Fraud Inquiries Include Write-offs to Ivanka: Report

Since September, New York prosecutors have opened two inquiries that could require Donald Trump to fend off potential charges of fraud in the early days of his life after the presidency.

Both prosecutors are reportedly looking at apparent tax write-off schemes at the Trump Organization, some of which include the president’s eldest daughter.

The Times reports that the authorities, who are acting independently, have subpoenaed the Trump Organization in recent weeks for records pertaining to tax deductions taken on consulting fees.

And though there is little public knowledge about the current focus of the investigations, a Times exposé on Trump’s tax returns reveals the kind of incongruities that would catch the eyes of prosecutors:.

Ms. Trump was an executive officer of the Trump companies that made the payments, meaning she appears to have been treated as a consultant while also working for the company.

The good news for Ivanka is that there is “no indication” that she is a “focus of either inquiry,” according to the Times.

Ivanka Trump has been under scrutiny from state and local authorities before. »

Joe Biden confirmed as Georgia winner after recount

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President-elect Joe Biden has been confirmed as the winner of Georgia, after the state conducted a hand recount.

“The recount process simply reaffirmed what we already knew: Georgia voters selected Joe Biden to be their next president,” said Jaclyn Rothenberg, the Biden campaign spokeswoman, in an email to the Associated Press.

But the hand recount of about 5m votes was not held in response to any suspected problems with results in Georgia or any official recount request. »

Actual COVID-19 Cases Could Be 6 Times Greater Than Official Figures

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A newly modelled estimate from the United States, Australia, Canada, South Korea and 11 countries in Europe suggests official figures could be struggling to capture the full scale of the outbreak.

Comparing the new estimates with official confirmed cases, the team was able to predict the 'true' infection rate for each country.

According to their results, at the end of August the population infection rate was, on average, six times higher than reported cases. »

Kyle Rittenhouse says he used coronavirus stimulus check to buy AR-15 used in fatal shooting

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Kyle Rittenhouse cashed a coronavirus stimulus check to purchase the semi-automatic rife that authorities say he used to fatally shoot two men in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he said.

Authorities allege that he had a friend in Kenosha buy the AR-15 and hold it for him in Wisconsin.

Pictures of Rittenhouse that night show him with his AR-15 slung over his shoulder and a medic's bag on his hip. »

Anthony Fauci ‘Stunned’ That Some Still Insist Coronavirus Is ‘Fake News’

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In a wide-ranging interview with The New York Times published on Thursday, Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed the pushback against public health measures amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Fauci, embracing “fundamental public health measures” would be enough to significantly slow the spread of COVID-19 and even allow businesses to reopen safely.

However, there is a “is a very disparate response to that,” which is why the number of cases has surged across the country, Fauci added. »