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Monday November 9th, 2020 morning edition

image for Michael Cohen says Donald Trump will flee to Mar-a-Lago and never return to White House

Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen said the president would likely flee the White House for Mar-a-Lago at Christmas and not return for Joe Biden's inauguration in January.

Speaking on MSNBC, Michael Cohen said the president would probably fight the election result until January and beyond from the comfort of his Florida escape.

I would not be shocked if he will not show up to the inauguration either,” Mr Cohen said.

“He cannot let the camera look at him and basically pull down the curtain and see the wizard standing beside.

He is just a loser and it is killing him and, right now, what is going on in the White House is nothing but finger-pointing.”.

Mr Trump has given no indication of conceding the election following projections that Mr Biden would become the 46th president of the United States.

To him, it is like calling him a loser, which is the worst thing in the world that you can call him," Mr Cohen said. »

Georgia Judge Throws Out Trump Campaign Lawsuit That Produced Exactly Zero Evidence of Fraud

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“They have been flatly incapable of proffering competent evidence to prove that point,” Jeff Harris, from the Democratic Party of Georgia, said in closing arguments.

Late on Wednesday, the Georgia Republican Party joined forces with the Trump campaign in a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Chatham County in Georgia.

The Trump campaign asked that absentee ballots received after 7 p.m. on Election Day not be counted. »

Take a Shelter Dog on a Field Trip During Your Visit to Kauai

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Through the Kauai Humane Society’s program, Shelter Dogs on Field Trips, visitors to Kauai can “check out” a dog for a day.

After being outfitted in an “adopt me” vest, the dog will be ready to spend the day with you.

Taking a shelter dog on a field trip just might be the highlight of your entire vacation to Kauai. »

Singles who are satisfied with their friends are less likely to desire a relationship partner

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“I believe that it is important to study how relationship desire appears in singles’ lives, how their lives look like.

And vice versa, singles with less relationship desire think their friends are more important and are also more satisfied with their social lives,” he told PsyPost.

“In short, these results show that singles with low relationship desire are more social and derive greater support from their friends. »