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Sunday November 8th, 2020 day edition

image for Financial hurdle gone: Alberta first province to eliminate fees for addiction recovery programs

Then, Lloydminster senior Bryan Robinson was staring down a $1,800 bill for a 45-day addiction recovery program.

That's due to a major shift in the way the Alberta government is funding addictions recovery.

For the first time, the province has eliminated fees for people to attend the 72 licensed, publicly funded treatment centres in the province.

Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Jason Luan says eliminating user fees for residential addiction recovery programs is good value for money.

Executive director of Parents Empowering Parents Society, Greig has seen families spend their life savings to pay for addiction treatment programs.

It's also unclear how successful recovery programs are in the long-term — the government hopes to begin tracking that.

The funding changes could also bring more stability to recovery centres, which are either non-profit or run by Alberta Health Services. »

Nationals invite Biden to throw first pitch on Opening Day

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The Democrat had not been president-elect for a full day before the Washington Nationals extended an invitation for him to throw out the first pitch of their baseball season.

Trump was the first president since Jimmy Carter to not throw out a first pitch on Opening Day, declining the Nationals’ invitation in 2017.

Opening Day is scheduled for April 1 at Nationals Park against the New York Mets. »

World Shocked to Learn Stuff We Already Knew About Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Now, weeks later, dozens of supporters have showed up at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and elsewhere in the city as the nation watches Philadelphia count ballots.

Here are a few things that struck people about Philly and Pennsylvania as they spent days and hours in the spotlight:.

The University of Pennsylvania is training a team of dogs to sniff out lanternfly egg nests so they can be eradicated. »

FBI: Hackers stole source code from US government agencies and private companies

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The alert specifically warns owners of SonarQube, a web-based application that companies integrate into their software build chains to test source code and discover security flaws before rolling out code and applications into production environments.

SonarQube apps are installed on web servers and connected to source code hosting systems like BitBucket, GitHub, or GitLab accounts, or Azure DevOps systems.

Throughout the year, Kottmann has gathered source code from tens of tech companies in a public portal, and many of these came from SonarQube applications. »