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Wednesday November 4th, 2020 morning edition

image for Recreational Marijuana Legalized by New Jersey Voters

The measure is expected to generate about $126 million a year once the market is established.

State Senator Nicholas Scutari, a former municipal prosecutor who has long championed legalization of the drug for medical and recreational uses, said he was putting the final touches on a bill that would enable the state’s nine existing medical marijuana companies to sell excess cannabis to recreational users.

“We’re anticipating moving very quickly with enabling legislation, which would in fact allow medical marijuana shops to sell to the general public immediately,” said Mr. Scutari, a Democrat who represents Union County.

“We’re happy to invite New York residents over to enjoy.”.

Supporters of the measure have cited widely divergent arrest rates as a key reason to amend the drug laws.

In New Jersey, Black residents are more than three times as likely as white residents to be charged with marijuana possession, in spite of similar rates of usage — a disparity Mr. Scutari called a “colossal waste of resources and a colossal waste of people’s lives.”.

The recreational use of marijuana is already legal in 11 other states and in Washington, and last year the governors of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut — all Democrats who support legalization — met in New York to try to coordinate marijuana policies. »

GameStop Is Having A TikTok Competition For Its Employees And One Of The Prizes Is 10 Extra Labor Hours

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GameStop is having a TikTok competition and one of the prizes is ten extra labor hours during Black Friday.

GameStop has announced that it is running a TikTok competition across its stores, and one of the prizes appears to be ten extra labor hours during Black Friday.

The news comes from the GameStop Conference portal, where the company's events team recently published details of the competition. »

Time to Treat Broadband Like the Essential Service It Is

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Indeed, broadband has become the essential service in the daily lives of 21st century consumers.

However, unlike water, electricity, or even phone service, broadband internet service is neither universally available, nor is it regulated to guarantee access, ensure fair prices, or promote competition in the marketplace.

Therefore, legislation must be passed to grant the FCC new, clear authority to govern broadband service as a telecommunications service, an essential utility. »

Brain study pinpoints why music can literally give you the chills

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By studying the brain activity behind those chills, scientists are getting closer to understanding why music makes us feel pleasure.

In a study released Tuesday, scientists found that specific waves of brain activity increase in power when people get the chills from emotionally moving pieces of music.

Listening to music can also lead to dopamine release – the hormone associated with pleasurable experiences, he says. »

Lung damage found in COVID dead may shed light on 'long COVID' - study

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FILE PHOTO: An X-ray of a COVID-19 patient's lungs at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas, U.S., July 10, 2020.

“It could very well be envisaged that one of the reasons why there are cases of long COVID is because there is vast destruction of lung (tissue),” he told Reuters.

“Even if someone recovers from COVID, the damage that is done could be massive.”. »