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Tuesday November 3rd, 2020 evening edition

image for Brain study pinpoints why music can literally give you the chills

Music can't make you feel full if you're hungry or help you pass your genes on to the next generation.

By studying the brain activity behind those chills, scientists are getting closer to understanding why music makes us feel pleasure.

In a study released Tuesday, scientists found that specific waves of brain activity increase in power when people get the chills from emotionally moving pieces of music.

He tells Inverse that musical pleasure activates some of the reward processing circuits as other "basal" forms of pleasure do, like food or sex.

Listening to music can also lead to dopamine release – the hormone associated with pleasurable experiences, he says.

"What is intriguing with music is it seems to confer no biological value and has no value for survival," he tells Inverse.

Theta waves are linked to success on memory tasks when we perceive a reward on the other side, in previous studies. »

Poland delays abortion ban as nationwide protests continue

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The decision by the country’s constitutional tribunal promised to further tighten Poland’s abortion laws, which were already some of the strictest in Europe.

This kind of abortion accounts for almost all of the small number of abortions performed legally in the country.

The abortion ruling has caused anger beyond the usual groups of PiS opponents, and the scale of the protests appears to have taken the government by surprise. »

Texas drive-through voting upheld as judge blocks Republican bid to reject ballots

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“To disenfranchise over 120,000 voters who voted as instructed the day before the scheduled election does not serve the public interest,” the judge wrote, adding that drive-through early voting was permissible under Texas law.

In a narrow setback for Harris County officials, Hanen said drive-through voting on Election Day likely violated Texas law.

The same court also previously denied similar challenges by the Texas Republican Party and the Harris County Republican Party. »

Trump promises Michigan he will 'never come back' if he loses the state to Biden

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President Donald Trump told a rally in Michigan on Monday that he would be "so angry" and "never come back" if the battleground state voted for Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee.

Speaking at his final campaign rally, Trump told his supporters that he would be "so angry" if the battleground state didn't vote to reelect him.

Trump narrowly won the state in 2016 but trailed Biden in the latest polls there, according to FiveThirtyEight. »

Time to Treat Broadband Like the Essential Service It Is

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Indeed, broadband has become the essential service in the daily lives of 21st century consumers.

However, unlike water, electricity, or even phone service, broadband internet service is neither universally available, nor is it regulated to guarantee access, ensure fair prices, or promote competition in the marketplace.

Therefore, legislation must be passed to grant the FCC new, clear authority to govern broadband service as a telecommunications service, an essential utility. »