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Tuesday November 3rd, 2020 day edition

image for Trump Supporters That Harassed Biden Bus Organized in Private Facebook Group That Touted QAnon

Supporters of President Donald Trump who recently harassed Democratic candidate Joe Biden's campaign bus in Texas were armed and organized their operation in a private QAnon Facebook page, according to a new report.

According to the report, on October 30, one group member posted "#OperationBlockTheBus RN," with "RN" referring to "right now.".

According to Snopes, QAnon logos, signage and flags were also found throughout the Facebook page.

The incident Snopes is reporting on occurred on October 30, when several Trump supporters were seen on video surrounding the Biden-Harris campaign bus.

A video of the incident was shared by Trump on Twitter with a caption that read, "I LOVE TEXAS!".

Newsweek reached out to Biden and Trump's campaigns for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

ET: The headline of this article was updated to remove the assertion that the Trump supporters following the Biden-Harris bus were armed. »

COVID-19 Brutalizes AMC Theatres Quarterly Earnings, Losses Top $900 Million

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UPDATED: AMC Theatres is probably relieved to see the final credits roll on its fiscal third quarter.

The world’s largest exhibitor suffered a brutal 90.9% drop in revenues during the most recent earnings period, with sales clocking in at $119.5 million.

Earlier on Monday, the cinema chain announced it was raising $47.7 million in cash to stay open — its shares plunged on the news. »

Eminem signals Biden support as campaign releases ‘Lose Yourself’ election ad

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Eminem signals Biden support as campaign releases ‘Lose Yourself’ election ad.

The Detroit rapper’s “Lose Yourself” is the soundtrack to a new spot from the Joe Biden presidential campaign, a 45-second get-out-the-vote push that arrives just ahead of Election Day.

In providing his song to the Biden campaign, Eminem is essentially giving his official endorsement to the Democratic presidential candidate and running mate Kamala Harris. »

Partisan differences in physical distancing are linked to health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Table 2 Results of multi-level, mixed-effects models testing whether physical distancing is linked to infection and fatality growth rates Full size table.

Finally, we tested whether partisan-linked failures to physically distance during the pandemic related to higher infection and fatality growth rates.

Our findings thus suggest that partisan differences in physical distancing were linked to higher growth rates of infections and fatalities in pro-Trump counties than necessary. »

Charlie Baker orders people to wear masks in public, no matter how far they are from other people

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No more exceptions —and no exemptions for when you can maintain social distance,” Baker said at a State House news conference.

He updated his previous mask order, which only required mask-wearing in public places where social distancing of “approximately six feet” wasn’t possible.

With coronavirus cases on a worrisome rise, Governor Charlie Baker says Massachusetts residents must now wear masks in public places, no matter what their distance is from other people. »