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Monday November 2nd, 2020 evening edition

image for Black Californians Accuse 'Trump Train' of Being like 'Taliban Had Come to Town'

"I'm concerned about Marin City, because it's the only Black community in Marin and there is only one entrance and one exit," resident Amber Allen-Peirson told the Chronicle.

Multiple reports of a Trump 2020 rally today at the Marin City shopping center parking lot off Highway 101.

Residents are shocked and confused why Trump supporters decided to go to Marin City, a predominantly Black community, so close to Election Day.

Allen-Peirson also described feeling unsafe at the sight of the so-called Trump Train, adding it was like "the Taliban had come to town.".

"It felt like local terrorism, especially since it was Sunday, which is a holy day for the black community," she added.

"If this is what is happening on November 1st, then what is going to happen on the 3rd or 4th?

"There is nobody who can tell me Marin City wasn't targeted because we are the only diverse community in the county.". »

U.S. judge orders USPS to reinforce 'extraordinary measures' ballot delivery policy

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Postal Service (USPS) must remind senior managers they must follow its “extraordinary measures” policy and use its Express Mail Network to expedite ballots ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election, under an order signed by a U.S. judge.

REUTERS/Rachel Wisniewski/File Photo. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan’s order on Sunday, to which the USPS agreed, said the postal service must reinforce its “special procedures” to ensure it “delivers every ballot possible by the cutoff time on Election Day.”.

Sullivan also said the USPS must reinforce the need to apply a legible postmark to every ballot reflecting the date it was collected. »

Peripheral Oxygen Saturation in Older Persons Wearing Nonmedical Face Masks in Community Settings

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This was a crossover study in which participants self-measured peripheral oxygen saturation (Spo 2 ) before, while, and after wearing a mask.

We determined whether wearing a face mask would be associated with a decrease of 2% or more in Spo 2 .

In this small crossover study, wearing a 3-layer nonmedical face mask was not associated with a decline in oxygen saturation in older participants. »

New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern appoints country's first Indigenous female foreign minister

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(CNN) New Zealand appointed its first Indigenous female foreign minister Monday to represent what's shaping up to be one of the most diverse parliaments in the world.

"I'm privileged to be able to lead the conversation in the foreign space," Mahuta said, according to national broadcaster Radio New Zealand.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's center-left Labour Party was reelected in a landslide last month, winning 49.1% of the vote according to preliminary results. »

Born miserable: 'Some genetically programmed to be negative'

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Blame your genes, for researchers say that some people are genetically programmed to be negative.

Those with lower levels of the substance are much more negative and find it more difficult to deal with stressful situations; they are also more susceptible to depression, say the researchers.

Saline solution was injected into the jaw muscle, which produces moderate pain for 20 minutes, but no lasting harm. »