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Sunday November 1st, 2020 night edition

image for Lyon shooting: Greek Orthodox priest seriously wounded

An attacker armed with a sawn-off shotgun wounded a Greek Orthodox priest in a shooting in the southeastern French city of Lyon before fleeing, police sources said on Saturday.

The priest was closing his church in the city's seventh arrondissement when the attack happened, the source told AFP, who asked not to be named.

Reuters cited an anonymous police source as saying that the priest was fired on twice at around 4 p.m. local time (1500 UTC/GMT), and was treated on site for life-threatening injuries.

The priest is now in a local hospital after being hit in the abdomen, a police official told The Associated Press.

Prime Minister Jean Castex, who was visiting Rouen, said he was heading back to Paris to assess the situation.

The attacks have a debate that pits the country's strict secularism and free speech laws against Islamic religious sensitivities.

The government has deployed thousands of soldiers to protect sites such as places of worship and schools. »

College student drove 20 hours from Washington DC to Texas to vote after her mail-in ballot never arrived

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A college student drove 20 hours from Washington DC to Fort Worth, Texas in order to vote after her mail-in ballot never arrived.

Meredith Reilly, 20, drove nearly 1,400 miles with her friend, Zachary Houdek, also 20, after applying for absentee ballots in August but never hearing back, according to CNN.

A college student drove 20 hours from Washington DC to Fort Worth, Texas, in order to vote after her mail-in ballot never arrived. »

Employers Should Reward Workers for Accomplishments, Not Hours Worked

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AUSTIN, Texas – Paying employees based on hours worked is a time-honored tradition in many professions, such as law.

When organizations with a mix of high- to low-performing employees base rewards on hours worked, all employees see compensation as unfair, and they end up putting in less effort on the job.

Low performers assume their overachieving colleagues will carry the load, while they’re compensated regardless. »

us election biden bus trump supporters texas event cancelled

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But that advantage is within the margin of error and a Biden win in Texas could be key to his path to the White House.

Sheryl Cole, a Democrat member of the Texas House of Representatives, said officials cancelled an event set to feature the city's young party members and the Biden campaign.

A Biden/Harris campaign bus made a brief stop in downtown Austin and was heckled by around a dozen president Trump supporters. »