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Saturday October 31st, 2020 evening edition

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Despite suppression tactics, young voters are 'raising hell' with historic early voting turnout

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Despite suppression tactics, young voters are 'raising hell' with historic early voting turnout.

Many of the laws targeting young voters emerged after the 2018 midterm elections, when young voters made a surprisingly robust showing at the polls, Cea said.

“There are institutional barriers that have been there for so long they’re preventing young people from voting,” he said. »

us election biden bus trump supporters texas event cancelled

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But that advantage is within the margin of error and a Biden win in Texas could be key to his path to the White House.

Sheryl Cole, a Democrat member of the Texas House of Representatives, said officials cancelled an event set to feature the city's young party members and the Biden campaign.

A Biden/Harris campaign bus made a brief stop in downtown Austin and was heckled by around a dozen president Trump supporters. »

Covid nurse death toll now as high as the number of nurses who died during World War One

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The latest figures collated by the federation of 130 national nurses’ associations show that 1,500 nurses have lost their lives since the pandemic began around the world.

This is the same as the number of nurses believed to have been killed during the four years of World War One.

“The fact that as many nurses have died during this pandemic as died during World War I is shocking”, the federation’s chief executive Howard Catton said during an online conference earlier this week. »

11 Things You Never Knew About 'The Blair Witch Project'

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Celebrate the 20th anniversary of this found footage classic by learning more about the making of "The Blair Witch Project.".

Part of the reason "The Blair Witch Project" is so effective is that the actors' reactions of fear are often genuine.

One way the production saved money was by purchasing a video camera at Circuit City and returning it for a refund after filming was complete. »