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Thursday October 29th, 2020 morning edition

image for Breonna Taylor grand jurors say police actions were 'negligent' and 'criminal'

Two grand jurors in the Breonna Taylor case said the actions of Louisville, Kentucky, police officers the day of the botched raid at her apartment were "negligent" and "criminal.".

CBS News' Gayle King asked the two jurors what they "thought of the police behavior and actions" on March 13, according to a part of the interview released Tuesday.

They are the first of the 12 people impaneled for the grand jury to speak publicly.

The grand juror said the jury was not given the option to consider homicide charges, the juror's attorney, Kevin Glogower, said in September.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron addresses the media in Frankfort, Ky., on Sept. 23 following the return of a grand jury investigation into the death of Breonna Taylor.

Cameron, who in court had opposed allowing grand jurors to speak about the proceedings, said he would not appeal the decision.

"The grand jury didn't agree that certain actions were justified, nor did it decide the indictment should be the only charges in the Breonna Taylor case.". »

That This Nightmare Of An Election Is Even Close Screams The Need To Revamp Critical Thinking Education

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She definitely met her goal of being financially self-sustaining (and apparently never felt the need to leave my dad, thankfully, despite being able to outperform him financially).

But sometimes I think the intangible value of education to our society as a whole gets overshadowed by the material results for individuals.

That’s a class where you dissect human bodies (ones that their former occupants were kind enough to donate to science). »

Fauci says it's time for the US to 'put aside these extraordinary excuses' and mandate masks

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Here are 5 key reasons why Fauci says it's time to "put aside these extraordinary excuses for not doing it.".

When pressed on whether the US might need to institute a mask mandate in order to "get masking to 90-95% of the population" Fauci was unequivocal.

"Let's put aside these extraordinary excuses for not doing it when we're dealing with a situation that's not trivial. »

WWI Nurse Edith Cavell Executed, 100 Years Ago

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Brussels fell to the Germans in late August, but the stern-faced Cavell ignored a call to return to England and remained at her post.

Many were reduced to hiding out in the countryside to avoid being captured or shot as spies.

The act of defiance marked the beginning of Cavell’s transformation from strait-laced nurse to resistance member. »

Coronavirus: France and Germany have announced second national lockdowns

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France and Germany have announced second national lockdowns to try to curb a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths.

France and Germany are far from alone in their mounting worry over the rapidly spreading pandemic.

European governments have been desperate to avoid national lockdowns for fear of more economic pain - and protests have broken out in several countries which have toughened measures. »