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Thursday October 29th, 2020 day edition

image for Tucker Carlson: We Lost Only Copy of Documents Nailing Biden

(“Cover” means float insinuations of guilt, rather than nailing down the truth of the charges.).

(The Journal duly reported that they had no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden.).

On Wednesday night’s show, Tucker Carlson reported that his team had acquired incriminating documents.

However, they sent them from Washington to Los Angeles, and the documents disappeared.

So now the only copy of the documents that would nail the probable next President of the United States are gone:.

Damning Hunter Biden documents suddenly vanish — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) October 29, 2020.

That just shows how desperate Biden is to make this story disappear and in no way reflects poorly on the credibility of the sources of this alleged scandal. »

Ryan Reynolds Personally Paid for the Pleasure of Having Bea Arthur’s Likeness in Deadpool

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You may think you have loved in this life, but have you ever truly loved the way Ryan Reynolds loves Deadpool?

The man behind the edgiest superhero this side of your 13-year-old kid brother loves Deadpool soooo much that he invested $10,000 of his own couch change to make the movie as ding-dong-Deadpool-est as it could be.

Reynolds reportedly made his request in person, and donated the money to an undisclosed charity, thereby securing the permission of Arthur’s estate. »

Tim Hortons struggling with no sign of customers returning to morning commute

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Comparable sales at Tim Hortons fell by more than 40 per cent when the stay-at-home orders started in March.

Though they improved to “the negative mid-teens” by the end of July, that forward progress appears to have stalled this fall.

Bernstein senior research analyst Sara Senatore said in a note to investors on Tuesday that the comparable sales decline at Tim Hortons was in line with consensus expectations. »

Britney Spears Seeks to Remove Father Jamie as Conservator

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Britney Spears is reportedly seeking to remove her father Jamie Spears as her sole conservator 12 years after he assumed the role, according to court documents filed by the singer’s attorney.

According to a document filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court by her lawyer, Samuel Ingham, “Britney is strongly opposed” to having her father, James “Jamie” Spears, continue as the sole conservator of her financial affairs.

Instead, Spears is reportedly hoping Jodi Montgomery, the temporary state-appointed conservator of her person for the past year, will also oversee her financial affairs. »

Twitch suspends DragonForce guitarist for playing his own music

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Twitch continues its DMCA takedown rampage, this time suspending the channel of DragonForce guitarist Herman Li for playing his own music.

Twitch has recently been busy with its comically oversized takedown hammer, smashing thousands of channels for their unsanctioned use of copyrighted music under the auspices of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Now, its wrath has been seemingly misapplied to a well known artist, guitarist Herman Li of DragonForce, who has shifted his streaming activities over to the band’s YouTube channel. »