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Tuesday October 27th, 2020 day edition

image for Mitch McConnell just adjourned the Senate until November 9, ending the prospect of additional coronavirus relief until after the election

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has adjourned the Senate until November 9.

The move ends the prospect of an additional coronavirus stimulus deal being reached before Election Day.

Democrats and Republicans have been at odds over the terms of a deal, with Senate Democrats last week blocking a "skinny" $500 million bill re-proposed by Republicans.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday motioned for the Senate to adjourn until November 9.

David Popp, a representative for McConnell, told Business Insider there was "nothing to add" to what he described as McConnell's "extensive remarks on the continued Democrat filibuster on COVID relief in the Senate.".

Republicans and Democrats have increasingly sparred as the election approaches, particularly over additional federal coronavirus relief and Barrett's nomination.

McConnell effectively torpedoed a stimulus bill of $1.8 trillion to $2.2 trillion earlier this month that Democrats had been negotiating with the White House. »

‘Borat’ Lawsuit Over Holocaust Survivor’s Interview Is Dismissed

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“The lawsuit was dismissed, unconditionally,” Smith said in a statement.

Judith’s life is a powerful rebuke to those who deny the Holocaust, and with this film and his activism, Sacha Baron Cohen will continue his advocacy to combat Holocaust denial around the world.”.

“Had he not dismissed the case, he and his client would have faced massive attorneys fees,” Smith said. »

COVID-19–Associated Hospitalizations Among Health Care Personnel — COVID-NET, 13 States, March 1–May 31, 2020

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The median age of hospitalized HCP (49 years) was substantially lower than that previously reported for hospitalized adults (62 years) (3).

A high proportion of hospitalized HCP had indications of severe disease: approximately one in four were admitted to an ICU, and approximately 4% died.

The proportion of HCP with these severe clinical outcomes was similar to that of adults aged 18–64 years hospitalized with COVID-19 during March–May.††. »

Barack Obama and LeBron James are joining forces in a late push to increase Black voter turnout.

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Former President Barack Obama will continue his efforts to increase Black voter turnout ahead of the election, including an interview with the basketball star LeBron James set to be published this week.

More Than A Vote, the collective of athletes led by Mr. James, has focused its political efforts on issues like limiting misinformation among Black voters and increasing poll workers in Black communities.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Mr. James said he cared more about seeing Black turnout increase than President Trump’s removal. »