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Wednesday October 21st, 2020 day edition

image for Trump is reportedly pressuring the Pentagon to give no-bid 5G spectrum contract to GOP-linked firm

The 350 megahertz of spectrum, ideal for the nascent 5G market, is worth at least $10 billion.

The pressure campaign to hand the contract to Rivada is getting pushback from the Pentagon and Federal Communications Commission, CNN says.

Senior government officials are alarmed over the White House pushing for a Pentagon deal that could be worth billions of dollars.

Rove, a prominent GOP strategist who is both an investor in and lobbyist for Rivada, has been among those pushing Trump for the no-bid contract, sources tell CNN.

Rove told CNN he wants Rivada to win the contract on its merits.

Trump ally Newt Gingrich told CNN he "never advocated for Rivada" specifically and has been urging the White House to open up Pentagon spectrum to 5G businesses "pro bono as a citizen.".

A more benign interpretation," CNN notes, is that Trump is primarily "focused on having 5G networks spread as quickly and safely across the U.S." Read more at CNN. »

New York Times: Tax records show Trump maintains Chinese bank account

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An analysis of Trump's tax records by the Times shows that the President holds a previously unreported bank account in China that was not included on his public financial disclosures because it is held under a corporate name.

The Chinese account, the newspaper said, is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management and it paid $188,561 in taxes in the country from 2013 to 2015.

Trump Organization lawyer Alan Garten, who refused to name the Chinese bank that holds the account, told the Times in a statement that the Trump Organization "opened an account with a Chinese bank having offices in the United States in order to pay the local taxes" tied with its push to do business in the country. »

Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by Trump administration

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The Trump administration instituted a "zero tolerance" policy in 2018 that separated migrant children and parents at the southern U.S. border.

The ACLU and other pro-bono law firms were tasked with finding the members of families separated during the pilot program.

A separate court order directed that the Trump administration reunite families separated under zero tolerance in 2018. »

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. has seen 300,000 ‘excess deaths'

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“These disproportionate increases among certain racial and ethnic groups are consistent with noted disparities in Covid-19 mortality,” the researchers wrote.

People 45 to 64 had 14.4% more deaths, while those 65 to 74 had 24.1% more deaths.

Deaths among people 75 to 84 were 21.5% higher and 14.7% higher for people 85 and above. »

Eminem Earns His 10th Straight No. 1 Album

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The Eminem album, which dropped without warning on Jan. 17, earned the equivalent of 279,000 units, according to Nielsen Music, including 117,000 in album sales and 218 million streams.

That was a drop from the rapper’s 2018 album, “Kamikaze,” which debuted with a total of 434,000 units, including 252,000 in sales and 226 million streams.

If you are easily offended or unnerved at the screams of bloody murder, this may not be the collection for you. »