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Tuesday October 20th, 2020 night edition

image for Trump reportedly invited a waiter into a top secret intelligence briefing room to order a milkshake

Look, sometimes a man just needs a malted milkshake.

Admittedly, there are less opportune moments to indulge in such a craving — say, when you're in a highly classified briefing about Afghanistan with your country's senior defense and intelligence officials.

Nevertheless, President Trump reportedly brought such a huddle to a halt a few months after he took office in 2017, Politico reports.

Trump urged, "We have the best malts, you have to try them," before inviting a waiter into the code-word-secure briefing room to satisfy his sweet tooth.

(That is to say, pictures were added to the briefings to help keep him engaged).

To paraphrase a queen of France who was similarly burdened with the trivialities of running a country when there were sweets to consume, let them drink milkshakes. »

Trump reportedly got bored during one of his first classified briefings on Afghanistan and ordered milkshakes in the middle of it

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President Donald Trump interrupted a classified intelligence briefing on Afghanistan in the early months of his presidency to order milkshakes, Politico reported.

Trump has garnered a reputation as a president who routinely ignores written intelligence briefings and prefers visuals.

President Donald Trump interrupted a classified briefing early in his presidency to ask top intelligence officials if they would like a milkshake, according to a new report from Politico. »

Investigation launched into Trump’s 'political interference' in CDC and FDA's coronavirus work

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Donald Trump’s “political interference” with the coronavirus work of the CDC and FDA will be investigated by a government watchdog.

The GAO is often called the “congressional watchdog” and is a non-partisan government agency that provides auditing and investigation services for the United States Congress.

“The CDC and FDA’s independence as scientific agencies is crucial to safeguarding the public health and saving lives,” the Democratic politicians wrote in their request. »

‘Do Not Invite Anyone Over' to Your Home, Chicago's Top Doctor Urges

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"Please do not invite anyone over to your house or apartment," Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said Monday.

Arwady's comments come as city officials held a press conference to "sound the alarm" on rising metrics across Chicago.

The numbers also coincide with a 25% increase in non-ICU COVID-19 hospitalizations since Sept. 22, according to city data. »

U.S. charges Russian military hackers with attacking American companies, targeting foreign elections

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Justice Department on Monday accused six Russian computer hackers of causing power blackouts, financial losses of nearly $1 billion and targeting the 2018 Winter Olympics in China.

Court documents said the six were officers in the Russian military's main intelligence directorate and used "some of the most destructive malware to date."

John Demers, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, said the behavior detailed in Monday's charges against Russian military officers amount to an accusation of the most disruptive and destructive computer attacks ever attributed to a single group. »