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Monday October 19th, 2020 morning edition

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When Facebook tweaked its newsfeed algorithm in 2017 to reduce the visibility of political news, the company’s engineers intentionally designed the system to disproportionately impact left-leaning outlets, effectively choking off their traffic in the process.

However, in its attempt to appear unbiased, the company evidently overcorrected (which it has a history of doing).

Facebook’s engineers overhauled the update to affect left-leaning sites more than previously planned, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself OK’d the redesign, sources told the Journal.

“We did not make changes with the intent of impacting individual publishers,” a Facebook spokesperson told the outlet.

And yet, in 2019, several of the site’s editors wrote that traffic from Facebook had tanked dramatically over the last 18 months, translating to a loss of at least $600,000.

Mother Jones CEO Monika Bauerlein expressed frustration with Facebook in a Twitter thread Friday, explaining that the loss of traffic had “real effects” on the organization.

“[O]ne reason this is so enraging is that I’ve so long insisted on giving Facebook some benefit of the doubt,” Bauerlein wrote. »

Beastie Boys License a Song for an Ad for First Time Ever, for Joe Biden Spot Focused on Live Music Shutdown

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It wasn’t just any campaign spot, but one that focuses on how the COVID-19 shutdowns have decimated the live music industry.

A Biden campaign spokesperson said the Beastie Boys, who had “never licensed music for an ad until now,” agreed to the use of “Sabotage” in the spot “because of the importance of the election.

“Everywhere I go, people have a story about the Blind Pig,” Joe Malcoun, co-owner of the Blind Pig, says in the commercial. »

Bill Murray drove a taxi while cabbie played sax

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And he lived up to his reputation at a packed Q&A with fans by giving a glimpse into the quirky mind of Murray.

“[Dan] wrote the original treatment for him and Belushi,” Murray recalled, adding, “But John passed away.

“I said, ‘When do you practice?’ He said, ‘I drive 14 hours a day.’ ” Murray then asked him, “Well, where’s your sax?” »