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Tuesday October 13rd, 2020 morning edition

image for Reports: Facebook Fires Employee Who Shared Proof of Right Wing Favoritism

Facebook later deleted the post and on Wednesday, the company fired the poster.

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The firing comes after Facebook employees confronted CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg over preferential treatment for right wing sites during an all-hands meeting last Friday.

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But NBC News obtained evidence that Facebook relaxed its rules for Right Wing accounts such as “Breitbart, former Fox News personalities Diamond and Silk, the nonprofit media outlet PragerU and the pundit Charlie Kirk.”.

Former employees, speaking anonymously, told NBC that they were concerned Facebook gave conservative outlets preferential treatment to avoid criticisms of anti-conservative bias.

It appears Facebook is addressing the criticisms as the site recently removed posts on the Team Trump page that spread misinformation about COVID-19. »

Column: Answering Biden tax plan, conservatives absurdly claim $400,000 a year isn’t ‘rich’

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The reason is that that’s the income at which Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he would start tax increases.

The Wall Street Journal has also joined in the fun, having written in 2014 about how “some high earners live paycheck to paycheck.”.

The tax cut, it should be repeated, delivered the biggest bang for the buck to households earning $300,000 or more. »

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