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Monday October 12nd, 2020 morning edition

image for FlyQuest.PowerOfEvil: "TSM's performance was indefensible. 0-6 as first seed is a disappointment." - League of Legends

In the interview he talked about his team’s performance, the troubles of North America and the things he learned at Worlds 2020.

I still tried to cheer up my team by saying that maybe Unicorns can take a game off Top Esports.

But we still wanted to show a good performance, not only individually but also as team.

We are a good team and had our chances, even if we missed it by a bit and we wanted to show that.

Hopefully we can use all the things we learned and experiences we made to make it out of groups in the future.

Especially in your match against Top Esports FlyQuest showed an impressive performance.

This is the first time a Pool 1 seed and the #1 seed from a major region went 0-6. »

Facebook responsible for 94% of 69 million child sex abuse images reported by US tech firms

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Facebook was responsible for 94% of the 69 million child sex abuse images reported by US technology companies last year.

Some 16.9 million referrals were made by US tech firms to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) last year, including 69 million images of children being abused - up 50% on the previous year.

Some 94% of the reports, which include the worst category of images, came from Facebook, Home Office officials said. »

How A Critically Trashed Box Office Bomb Become Disney’s Most Popular Halloween Movie

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Fandango is announcing that Hocus Pocus has been their most-watched Halloween flick on Vudu for the last five years in a row.

So how did a critically-trashed commercial flop ($39 million domestic on a $28 million budget) from the summer of 1993 become a perennial Halloween favorite?

This isn’t the part where I say that the critics got it wrong in 1993, because they didn’t. »

A Brief History of Presidential Drinking

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Even the unassuming Harry Truman threw back an ounce of 100-proof Old Grand-Dad whiskey every morning “to get the engine running.”.

During his first campaign, a run for district attorney, Cleveland cut back his sudsy consumption—to a gallon of beer per night.

There’s something very endearing about that to me, especially in what’s usually such a hard-nosed relationship between the media and the president.”. »

China’s Type 055 destroyer has anti-stealth, anti-satellite capabilities: report

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The commission of Nanchang marks the Navy's leap from the third generation to the fourth generation of destroyers, according to a statement from the Navy.

Liu Jianchao, then spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, confirmed the test and stressed China was committed to the peaceful development of outer space.US aegis ships also have anti-satellite capabilities.

It is also selling a large amount of F-35s to its allies in the Asia-Pacific region.This makes anti-stealth capability essential to countering potential threats from US stealth warplanes, analysts said. »