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Monday October 12nd, 2020 evening edition

image for Susan Collins wrote legislation that made millions for her husband's lobbying firm

(Cohen, a Republican, has endorsed Collins for re-election to the Senate — and Joe Biden for president.).

Daffron served as a consultant on Collins' 1996, 2002 and 2008 Senate campaigns, and ran her leadership PAC from 2003 until 2012, when they married.

Collins signed over power of attorney when the couple bought a $705,000 townhouse in Washington, public records show.

The firm took in nearly $60 million in federal contracts during his time there, with a significant increase after he became COO.

Daffron had "suggested [Collins] join the less desirable Government Affairs Committee," the Portland Press Herald reported in 2001.

Certain specific provisions included with Collins' 2007 contract reforms appear to have benefited Daffron's firm directly, by adding new requirements for acquisition services that Jefferson specialized in.

Two years later, the firm announced it had landed a $33 million acquisition contract with USAID. »

Analysis Finds True US Pandemic Death Toll Is Much Higher Than 200,000

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Analysis Finds True US Pandemic Death Toll Is Much Higher Than 200,000.

Photo By Tom Williams/AP DEATH TOLL Analysis Finds True US Pandemic Death Toll Is Much Higher Than 200,000 BU researchers: number of pandemic-related deaths is 36 percent higher than reported, with disadvantaged communities hit even harder than thought.

But research from Boston University School of Public Health finds that the true number of losses could be much higher. »

Solar meets 100 per cent of South Australia demand for first time

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The new record came just weeks after solar set a previous milestone of 94 per cent of state demand and rooftop solar output reached 900MW for the first time.

On Sunday, that level (94 per cent) was beaten for more than two and a half hours.

The continued surged in rooftop solar installations means that South Australia is also likely to reach a new milestone of having rooftop solar along meet 100 per cent of its demand needs. »

40,000 join Kevin Rudd’s crusade to make Murdoch face royal commission

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According to Mr Rudd, 70 per cent of Australia’s print readership – and virtually every newspaper in Queensland – is owned by Mr Murdoch.

He hopes the groundswell of support will mean the government will be forced to consider calling a royal commission.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese on Sunday would not say whether he supports Mr Rudd’s call for a royal commission. »