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Saturday October 10th, 2020 evening edition

image for Federal judge blocks Texas governor's order limiting mail ballot drop-off locations

A federal judge in Texas on Friday barred officials from enforcing Governor Greg Abbott's order that would limit the number of mail in voting drop off boxes to one per county.

But Judge Robert Pitman said the directive imposed a "burden on an already vulnerable voting population that is somewhere between 'slight' and 'severe.'".

Abbott's order, which was issued last week, was criticized by officials in some of Texas' largest counties who were planning to set up multiple drop off locations in order to make it easier to return mail ballots.

Harris County, a 1,777-square-mile region that's home to Houston and is the country's third largest county, had established 11 drop off locations before the governor issued his order.

Some activists also raised concerns that the reduced locations could disproportionately affect low-income voters and voters of color.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa cheered the decision, saying in a statement, "Governor Abbott's attempt to suppress Texas voters has been thwarted.".

Abbott's order reducing the number of drop off locations also allowed poll watchers to observe drop off sites. »

Transmission Dynamics by Age Group in COVID-19 Hotspot Counties — United States, April–September 2020

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Understanding whether increasing incidence in hotspot counties is predominantly occurring in specific age groups is important for identifying opportunities to prevent or reduce transmission.

* CDC analyzed temporal trends in percent positivity by age group in COVID-19 hotspot counties before and after their identification as hotspots.

There is an urgent need to address transmission among young adult populations, especially given recent increases in COVID-19 incidence among young adults (3). »

Trump broke debate rules and didn't get tested: White House stonewalling gives it away

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Donald Trump recklessly and corruptly violated agreed-upon presidential debate commission rules by not getting tested for COVID-19 shortly before the Sept. 29 debate in Cleveland.

That's the obvious conclusion from the White House's relentless stonewalling about when he last tested negative.

The White House also evidently lied to the debate commission and the Cleveland Clinic, which was supervising safety measures. »

Proud Boys Website, Online Store Dropped by Web Host

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The Proud Boys, an FBI-designated extremist group with ties to white nationalism, lost its web host for the group’s website and online store following efforts from advocacy group Color of Change.

Also Read: Vice Media CEO Assures Staff That Founder Gavin McInnes, Who Also Launched Proud Boys, Has No Ties to Company Anymore.

Still, Rashad Robinson, the president of Color of Change, praised Google for its “actions to block the Proud Boys website and online store” but called on “Google’s peers to follow suit.”. »

Attenborough: 'Curb excess capitalism' to save nature

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Sir David Attenborough says the excesses of western countries should "be curbed" to restore the natural world and we'll all be happier for it.

Sir David was speaking to Liz Bonnin for BBC Radio 5 Live's new podcast 'What Planet Are We On?'.

Speaking personally and frankly, Sir David explained, "We are going to have to live more economically than we do. »