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Friday October 9th, 2020 morning edition

image for Republican senator says 'democracy isn't the objective' of US system

The Utah senator Mike Lee made the inflammatory declaration in an early morning tweet following Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate.

It should matter to anyone who worries about the excessive accumulation of power in the hands of the few.’.

The Bloomberg columnist Jonathan Bernstein wrote: “If we’re not to have rule of the people, who exactly should rule?

Throughout American history, from the Framers up to the present, the answer has always been the same: the people.”.

In the vice-presidential debate Harris accused Donald Trump of promoting voter suppression, saying he “openly attempted to suppress the vote”.

Meanwhile, Trump and Pence have refused to assure voters of a peaceful transfer of power if the Republicans lose November’s election. »

Comparing Associations of State Reopening Strategies with COVID-19 Burden

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Most states used a phased reopening strategy, and there was substantial variation in the implementation of reopening approaches across states.

We estimated excess COVID-19 burden for states reopening indoor dining after implementing a statewide mask mandate, also referred to as evidence-based reopening.

We also estimated excess COVID-19 burden for states reopening prior to implementing a statewide mask mandate. »

‘Avengers’ Dips Below 1,000 Players On PC, Causing Matchmaking Problems

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It also does not help that the game mandates that all four players be a different hero, extending matchmaking times further.

On PC, some players are reporting sitting around for 30 minutes or so waiting for matches, if they ever find them.

A lack of substantive communication or word on when pressing issues will be fixed is driving some players away. »

FBI uncovers armed militia plot to abduct Michigan Gov. Whitmer

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The FBI uncovered a plot by an armed militia in Michigan to kidnap Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, it annnounced Thursday.

Separately, six individuals were charged by U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge with federal felonies following search warrants executed Wednesday.