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Sunday October 4th, 2020 night edition

image for Virginia bill would ban pre-arrest sex between police and detainees

Karrie Delaney said she proposed the bill to close a loophole.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A bill to charge law enforcement officers with a Class 6 felony if they engage in sexual relations with a detainee has unanimously passed both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly.

Virginia law currently states that employees of correctional facilities or jails cannot have sexual relations with someone in their custody.

But Delaney said current law does not make it illegal for police officers to have sexual relations with someone who has been detained but not yet arrested.

Gov. Ralph Northam would need to sign the bill for it to become law. »

Sen. Ron Johnson tests positive for COVID-19

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Johnson had gone into self-isolation on September 14 after learning he was exposed to someone who had tested positive.

Johnson said in a conference call that he was surprised he tested positive.

Senator Johnson was exposed to someone who tested positive for covid-19 on Sept. 14. »

It’s Official — Consumer Reports Confirms EV Owners Spend Half As Much On Maintenance

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For its latest report, it did a deep dive into the data from its 2019 and 2020 reliability surveys of electric and gasoline powered vehicles.

After crunching all the numbers, Consumer Reports says “drivers of electric vehicles are saving an average of 50% on maintenance and repair over the life of a vehicle compared to owners of gas-powered vehicles.”.

In a separate study, Consumer Reports states that, on average, electric cars emit 60% less carbon dioxide than conventional cars. »

Face masks unlikely to cause over-exposure to CO2, even in patients with lung disease

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During the COVID-19 pandemic the wearing of face masks has become a highly political issue with some individuals falsely claiming that wearing face masks may be putting people's health at risk.

Patients with lung disease, in particular, should avoid getting infected and should wear a face mask, which, along with handwashing and social distancing, is proven to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

The Society's more than 16,000 members prevent and fight respiratory disease around the globe through research, education, patient care and advocacy. »

Lincoln Project Won't Pull Anti-Trump Ads, Vows to 'Defeat Trumpism' After President's COVID Diagnosis

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Their decision comes after Biden's campaign told the Associated Press that they would remove negative ads about Trump in the wake of his diagnosis.

One Lincoln Project parody video shared on Thursday showed Trump Jr. taking cocaine as Tony Montana in a scene from Scarface.

"The Lincoln Project inadvertently posted the wrong [Donald Trump Jr.] video," the group said in a tweet. »