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Saturday October 3rd, 2020 evening edition

image for Senator Ron Johnson tests positive for COVID-19

(WKOW) -- Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R) has tested positive for coronavirus.

According to release from his communications director, Johnson spent 14 days in quarantine after learning he had been exposed to someone with COVID-19 on Sept. 14.

He tested negative twice during that quarantine.

Johnson returned to Washington Sept. 29 and shortly after was exposed to an individual who has since tested positive.

He was tested Friday and the test has since come back positive.

According to his office, he's feeling healthy and not experiencing symptoms.

Johnson is the third GOP Senator to test positive since Friday. »

New Zealand refuses quarantine-free trips from Australia as ACT joins travel bubble

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New Zealand will not reciprocate quarantine-free trips across the Tasman as the Australian Capital Territory joins Australia’s travel bubble with the country.

Vision showed beachgoers kissing a news camera and then Seven news reporter Paul Dowsley on the head several times.

“I’m very comfortable our cautious approach has kept the health outcomes good and economic outcomes outstanding within Western Australia,” he said. »

Sen. Ron Johnson tests positive for COVID-19

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Johnson had gone into self-isolation on September 14 after learning he was exposed to someone who had tested positive.

Senator Johnson was exposed to someone who tested positive for covid-19 on Sept. 14.

He returned to Washington on Sept. 29 and shortly after was exposed to an individual who has since tested positive. »

Face masks unlikely to cause over-exposure to CO2, even in patients with lung disease

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During the COVID-19 pandemic the wearing of face masks has become a highly political issue with some individuals falsely claiming that wearing face masks may be putting people's health at risk.

Patients with lung disease, in particular, should avoid getting infected and should wear a face mask, which, along with handwashing and social distancing, is proven to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

The Society's more than 16,000 members prevent and fight respiratory disease around the globe through research, education, patient care and advocacy. »

Why lemons are not always vegan

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But, according to Pizza Express and others who responded, it is the wax applied to the citrus that makes it unsuitable for vegans.

In response to Monroe’s confusion, Pizza Express wrote: “The wax on waxed lemons contain shellac, which is derived from insects and therefore strictly not vegan.”.

Fortunately, there are some fruit waxes, such as polyethylene wax, that are suitable for a plant-based diet. »