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Thursday October 1st, 2020 morning edition

image for Bob Murray, Who Fought Against Black Lung Regulations As A Coal Operator, Has Filed For Black Lung Benefits

For years, Murray and his company fought against federal mine safety regulations aimed at reducing the debilitating disease.

North American Coal Corporation is named as one potentially liable party in Murray’s claim for the benefits.

Murray said he has black lung from working in underground mines and is entitled to benefits.

Additionally, he disputed that he ever fought against regulations to quell the disease or fought miners from receiving benefits.

Murray also threatened to file a lawsuit if a story was published that indicated he had fought federal regulations and benefits.

Like other coal operators, Murray’s companies have disputed the claims made by miners who seek black lung benefits.

As is common in coal bankruptcies, Murray and its successor company were relieved of any obligation to pay existing black lung benefits by the bankruptcy court. »

Police arrest Proud Boy member on assault and gun charges hours after Trump refuses to denounce white supremacy

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Alan Swinney, who Oregon Public Broadcasting identified as a member of Proud Boys and the far-right protester that pointed a gun at demonstrators in downtown Portland last month, was arrested on Wednesday morning on multiple assault charges.

Mr Trump was asked to disavow white supremacy and white nationalist, extremist and other right-wing groups responsible for violence and violent clashes at nationwide protests with increasing frequency in recent months.

The president’s close advisers have defended his debate performance, noting how he said “sure” when he was initially asked to disavow white supremacy. »

LeBron James recruits 10,000 poll volunteers to assist in Black districts

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NBA star LeBron James has reportedly recruited 10,000 volunteers to help at polls in Black electoral districts in November.

The effort has amassed 10,000 volunteers for "We Got Next," a collaboration with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

"We need more poll workers, and we need younger poll workers who can be resilient and work during early voting as well," Ifill said. »