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Saturday September 26th, 2020 day edition

image for White supremacist killed in shootout with California deputies

(CNN) A white supremacist was killed in a shootout with deputies in Templeton, California, according to a San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office news release Friday.

The shooting took place Thursday morning when deputies at first tried to conduct a traffic stop on Christopher Michael Straub, 38, near a cemetery.

Straub got out of his vehicle and ran through the vineyards of the cemetery, the release said.

He then hid and ambushed deputies, firing multiple rounds at them with a handgun.

Deputy Richard "Ted" Lehnhoff, 34, was hit in the leg and airlifted to a local hospital, where he underwent surgery and is in stable condition, the release said.

Straub continued evading deputies and attempted to return to his vehicle through the vineyard, but additional deputies arrived on scene and intercepted him as he tried to regain access to his vehicle.

Straub was later pronounced dead at the scene, according to the sheriff's office. »

‘I Feel Sorry for Americans’: A Baffled World Watches the U.S.

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BANGKOK — Myanmar is a poor country struggling with open ethnic warfare and a coronavirus outbreak that could overload its broken hospitals.

That hasn’t stopped its politicians from commiserating with a country they think has lost its way.

“I feel sorry for Americans,” said U Myint Oo, a member of parliament in Myanmar. »

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, UK's richest person, moves to tax-free Monaco

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People who live in Monaco for at least 183 days a year do not pay any income or property taxes.

Ratcliffe, the founder and chief executive of petrochemicals company Ineos, was an ardent supporter of the vote leave campaign, declaring that the UK would thrive without red tape from Brussels.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Ineos said: “We don’t comment on the personal details of our directors and employees. »

Federal judge removes acting Bureau of Land Management director after finding he has served unlawfully for 424 days

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Washington (CNN) A federal judge on Friday ordered acting Bureau of Land Management Director William Perry Pendley to step aside, blocking him from exercising any more authority after finding that he has served unlawfully for more than 400 days.

"Pendley has served and continues to serve unlawfully as the Acting BLM Director," Morris wrote in his opinion.

Pendley unlawfully served as Acting BLM Director after the President submitted his permanent appointment to the Senate for confirmation -- another violation of the FVRA. »

61% of Americans Support Abolishing Electoral College

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Far fewer Republicans, 23%, share this view, as 77% of them support keeping the current system in which the candidate with the most votes in the Electoral College wins the election.

By 2019, support for using the national vote totals over the Electoral College had risen to 55%.

Democrats and independents have consistently been more supportive of abolishing the Electoral College than Republicans. »