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Friday September 25th, 2020 evening edition

image for Alarms are ringing everywhere about Trump's election plot — except in our top newsrooms

People who know and care about elections and democracy frantically sounded the alarm on Wednesday as Donald Trump's intention to steal the election became undeniable.

The New York Times put its article on Trump refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power on page A15.

And the Atlantic had already published Barton Gellman's terrifying, detailed article describing scenarios in which Trump "uses his power to prevent a decisive outcome against him.".

To the extent that Trump's intention to steal the election is undeniable, well, at day's end, Trump himself didn't deny it.

So they sent reporters out to diners to talk to Trump supporters instead of trying to educate and redeem them.

So they don't listen to the people who are warning them, ever more loudly, of the extraordinary danger ahead.

They muffle the alarms, hand out earplugs, close the windows and tell everyone to continue business as usual. »

Letter to W.H. Auden

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Always excepting, of course, any 'interpretations' in the mode of simple allegory: that is, the particular and topical.

That would be like answering an aesthetic question by talking of a point of technique.

To turn, if I may, to the 'human Touches' and the matter of when I started. »

Former Facebook exec: We made it as addictive as cigarettes on purpose

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Now, Kendall says he's worried Facebook is contributing to extremism in the US and is "pushing ourselves to the brink of a civil war.".

Facebook's former director of monetization Tim Kendall says he had a role in making Facebook as addictive as cigarettes — and worries that Facebook could be just as damaging to its users.

Kendall, who is now CEO of the time management app Moment, joined Facebook as its first director of monetization in 2006 and remained in the role until 2010. »

Crows possess higher intelligence long thought primarily human

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The extent to which similar properties present themselves might be simply a matter of scale: how many neurons are available to work.”.

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During the delay, many neurons responded according to the crows’ impending report, rather than to the brightness of the light. »

Twitter is bringing its ‘read before you retweet’ prompt to all users

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Twitter says it’s working on bringing its “read the article before you retweet it” prompt to all users “soon.”

Working on bringing these prompts to everyone globally soon — Twitter Comms (@TwitterComms) September 24, 2020.

The company shared some results from its initial test of the feature, which was limited to Twitter users on Android. »