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Friday September 25th, 2020 day edition

image for Crows possess higher intelligence long thought primarily human

The extent to which similar properties present themselves might be simply a matter of scale: how many neurons are available to work.”.

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While the crows were solving these tasks, the researchers were tracking the activity of hundreds of their neurons.

During the delay, many neurons responded according to the crows’ impending report, rather than to the brightness of the light.

“Besides crows, this kind of neurobiological evidence for sensory consciousness only exists in humans and macaque monkeys.”.

Neurons “represent what the animals next report to have seen — whether or not that is what they were shown,” she said.

But theirs do have “connectivity patterns … reminiscent of the neocortex,” scientists led by Martin Stacho of Ruhr-University in Germany reported. »

'I cry before work': US essential workers burned out amid pandemic

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More workers also attributed their burnout to Covid-19 circumstances, at 35% compared to 25% in the previous poll.

Frontline workers in the healthcare industry have been particularly hard hit by burnout, a significant issue facing the industry even before the pandemic.

Studies in China and Italy of healthcare workers during coronavirus peaks found high rates of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and insomnia among workers. »

Theater chain's 'massively successful' COVID-19 strategy: You buy every seat

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Alamo Drafthose patrons rent an entire theater for their pod of family and friends in new pandemic business model that's gaining momentum.

The Texas-based theater chain Alamo Drafthouse is rolling out a nationwide program where patrons rent out an entire theater for themselves – along with their pandemic pod family and friends – for $150.

The move expands on the test run of the program that's now expanding to 12 states. »

Trump cuts aid for pro-democracy groups in Belarus, Hong Kong and Iran

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The Trump administration has stopped vital technical assistance to pro-democracy groups in Belarus, Hong Kong and Iran, which had helped activists evade state surveillance and sidestep internet censorship.

Trump memo on Comey firing was 'tinfoil helmet material', Mueller prosecutor says Read more.

Grant Turner, the former chief financial officer and acting USAGM CEO said that Pack’s funding freeze had created chaos. »