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Thursday September 24th, 2020 morning edition

image for U.S. no longer recognizes Lukashenko as legitimate president of Belarus

The U.S. no longer recognizes Aleksandr Lukashenko as the legitimate president of Belarus, the State Department said in a statement on Wednesday.

Why it matters: Lukashenko has clung to power with the support of Russia amid seven weeks of protests that have followed a blatantly rigged election.

Fresh protests broke out Wednesday evening in Minsk after it emerged that Lukashenko had held a secret inauguration ceremony.

"The United States cannot consider Aleksandr Lukashenko the legitimately elected leader of Belarus.

We don't recognize Lukashenko as the legitimate president of Belarus.".

A German government spokesperson reiterated today that Germany does not view Lukashenko as legitimate, adding of Wednesday's inauguration:.

Where things stand: Lukashenko seems to have retained the loyalty of the security forces, but he's clearly lost much of the population. »

‘Black Widow,’ ‘West Side Story,’ ‘Eternals’ Postpone Release Dates

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The results are bad news for the exhibition industry, which is facing fierce headwinds after closing for months due to coronavirus.

“West Side Story,” which marks Spielberg’s first foray into musicals, was expected to be a key Academy Awards contender.

Nearly 70% of movie theaters in North America resumed operations in recent weeks, with many timing their reopenings to the release of “Tenet.” »

Using weed during pregnancy linked to psychotic-like behaviors in children, study finds

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(CNN) If you're one of the growing numbers of women who use weed while pregnant, think twice: A new study found it may increase psychotic-like behaviors in children.

The study, published Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry , analyzed data on 11,489 children who were followed as part of the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study, which says it's the "largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the United States."

"Use of cannabis despite knowledge of pregnancy might represent a preexisting and more severe form of cannabis use," the authors wrote. »

2 LMPD officers shot at Brook Street and Broadway, suspect in custody

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Two LMPD officers were shot Wednesday night in downtown Louisville.

One officer, Brett Hankison, was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment for his part in the raid on Taylor’s home on March 13.

The FBI Louisville SWAT team has responded to an LMPD officer being shot and will continue to assist in the investigation. »

Impeach Bill Barr

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After years of attack, Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump landed the final blow on congressional oversight on Tuesday, eliminating it as we know it.

This latest effort calls for the only possible proportionate response: William Barr should be impeached.

They must pass contempt charges against Barr and begin impeachment proceedings against him now. »