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Tuesday September 22nd, 2020 evening edition

image for Trump Supreme Court front-runner Amy Coney Barrett criticized Roe v. Wade, Obamacare decision

Democrats sounded the alarm about the potential Supreme Court nomination of federal appeals court Judge Amy Coney Barrett over her ties to the Federalist Society and criticism of Roe v. Wade.

Trump vowed to choose a woman to replace Ginsburg, and Barrett has emerged as the apparent front-runner.

"I'm saving her for Ginsburg," Trump said of Barrett when he tapped Brett Kavanaugh to replace former Justice Anthony Kennedy in 2018, according to Axios.

Barrett, 48, has been a cause of concern for Democrats since she her confirmation to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2017.

Barrett criticized Roe v. Wade, though she acknowledged that the court would "probably" let the precedent stand.

But Barrett later said that the court was likely to chip away at some abortion protections in 2016.

"Amy Coney Barrett meets Donald Trump's two main litmus tests," Nan Aron, the president of progressive advocacy group Alliance for Justice, told The New York Times. »

28-year-old Houston doctor dies after battle with coronavirus, family says

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(CNN) Adeline Fagan, a second year OBGYN resident living in Houston, died early Saturday after a couple months-long battle with Covid-19, her family announced in a post on a GoFundMe page established on her behalf.

Fagan had just started her second year of residency in Houston when she got sick, the GoFundMe page said.

While she mostly worked delivering babies, Fagan was doing a rotation in the ER treating Covid patients, the post said. »

Human Footprints Found in Saudi Arabia May Be 120,000 Years Old

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Seven footprints pressed into the parched sediment of an ancient lake bed in northern Saudi Arabia may testify to humans’ presence in the region some 115,000 years ago, reports Maya Wei-Haas for National Geographic.

Now, a new analysis published in the journal Science Advances argues that anatomically modern humans created the seven footprints between 112,000 and 121,000 years ago.

The seven footprints featured in the study were longer than the Neanderthal tracks and appeared to have been made by taller, lighter hominins. »

Bloomberg pays fines for 32,000 felons in Florida so they can vote

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The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition estimated Bloomberg's fundraising push has already paid off monetary obligations for 32,000 felons, Axios reported.

"The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy and no American should be denied that right," a Bloomberg spokesperson told the news outlet.

"Working together with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, we are determined to end disenfranchisement and the discrimination that has always driven it.". »

California’s COVID-19 positivity rate drops below 3% for the first time

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But the good news is tempered with caution: Those fires, coupled with heat waves and toxic air quality, led to a decline in testing.

And then there’s Los Angeles County, where the COVID-19 positivity rate has stayed too high for any businesses to reopen for indoor operations.

The positive test rate rose last week, which health officials say could be the result of transmissions from the Labor Day weekend. »