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Sunday September 20th, 2020 evening edition

image for Mass rallies and police data leak in Belarus keep pressure on Lukashenko

(Reuters) - More than 100,000 people marched through Minsk on Sunday on the sixth straight weekend of protests against President Alexander Lukashenko, keeping up the pressure on the veteran Belarusian leader to quit.

In the city centre, riot police rhythmically beat their shields as a warning sound while several people threw glass bottles at them.

Videos shared by local media outlets showed security forces in helmets or masks hauling protesters off the streets in simultaneous protests in other cities.

In power for 26 years, the former Soviet collective farm manager has shown scant inclination to resign, buoyed by support from Russia.

In tandem with the protests, anonymous hackers leaked the personal data of 1,000 police officers in retaliation for a crackdown in which thousands of people have been detained, many complaining of beatings and torture in jail.

The Russian news agency TASS said at least ten people had been held, citing police.

Moscow agreed to give a $1.5 billion loan to prop up Lukashenko’s government following a meeting between him and Russian President Vladimir Putin. »

If GOP Creates 'Illegitimate Majority' on Supreme Court, More Justices Should be Added: Former U.S. Attorney General

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Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said that if Republicans create an "illegitimate" conservative majority on the Supreme Court, more justices should be added.

Holder also said that if Republicans were successful in filling the seat, Democrats should respond by reforming the nation's highest court—and add more justices.

"And at a minimum, as part of that reform package, I think additional justices need to be placed on the Supreme Court.". »

Spiral Staircases, Fire Poles, & Fire Stations

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In the 1850s, American fire departments transitioned from the hand-pump trucks to the much heavier steam-powered fire engines.

While the horses were stabled downstairs with the engines, the firemen slept and cooked upstairs.

As more fire stations were constructed or renovated, many spiral staircases were removed or not installed at all. »

Woman falls out of car window and onto highway while filming Snapchat video

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London (CNN) A woman fell out of a car and onto a busy highway while hanging out of the passenger window to film a Snapchat video, police in the UK have said.

The unnamed woman was dangling out of the vehicle on the M25 motorway south of London, Surrey Police wrote on Twitter.

The front seat passenger was hanging out the car whilst filming a SnapChat video along the #M25. »