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Thursday September 17th, 2020 night edition

image for ‘Viking’ was a job description, not a matter of heredity, massive ancient DNA study shows

‘Viking’ was a job description, not a matter of heredity, massive ancient DNA study shows.

They were buried around 750 C.E. in two ships with Viking-style weapons and treasure—apparently the aftermath of a raid gone wrong.

DNA from the bones has now added a poignant detail: Four of the men, buried shoulder to shoulder holding their swords, were brothers.

The new data come from a massive effort to sequence the DNA of Vikings across Europe.

The Estonian site, for example, offers powerful evidence that the crew was a tight-knit group from the same village or town.

The team also gathered human remains from burials elsewhere in Europe and beyond that had Viking grave goods or burial styles.

And comparing DNA and archaeology at individual sites suggests that for some in the Viking bands, “Viking” was a job description, not a matter of heredity. »

The Big Ten Conference Adopts Stringent Medical Protocols; Football Season to Resume October 23-24, 2020

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/ and / : Team must proceed with caution and enhance COVID-19 prevention (alter practice and meeting schedule, consider viability of continuing with scheduled competition).

Red / Red : Team must stop regular practice and competition for a minimum of seven days and reassess metrics until improved.

The Big Ten sponsors 28 official conference sports, 14 for men and 14 for women, including the addition of men’s ice hockey and men’s and women’s lacrosse since 2013. »

Twenty-nine German police suspended for sharing pictures of Hitler

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DUESSELDORF, Germany (Reuters) - Twenty-nine police officers have been suspended in Germany for sharing pictures of Adolf Hitler and doctored depictions of refugees in gas chambers on their mobile phones, officials in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) said on Wednesday.

The incident is embarrassing for German police and security agencies, who have faced accusations of not doing enough to unearth potentially violent nationalists in their ranks.

Some of the suspects could be charged with disseminating Nazi propaganda and hate speech and could be dismissed from the police. »

Hans Zimmer Worked with a Choir over FaceTime to Craft the ‘Dune’ Trailer’s Pink Floyd Cover

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Back when Alejandro Jodorowsky was attempting to mount a “Dune” film adaptation in the 1970s, the director courted Pink Floyd to write the original score.

A new report from Variety confirms it was Hans Zimmer himself who was behind the reworking of “Eclipse” for the “Dune” trailer.

Zimmer never even went to the studio and instead stayed at his recording studio at home and worked with the vocalists over FaceTime. »

Apple accuses Epic of ‘starting a fire and pouring gasoline on it’ in new Fortnite filing

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“Epic started a fire, and poured gasoline on it, and now asks this Court for emergency assistance in putting it out,” writes Apple in the 37-page opposition brief.

Later, the company adds: “Epic could have avoided any further harm involving both Fortnite and Unreal Engine — with a simple keystroke.”

It says that by refusing to do so Epic is “holding its own customers hostage to gain leverage in a business dispute.”. »