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Thursday September 17th, 2020 day edition

image for ‘They Are Our Best Defense’: Redfield Renews Call to Wear Masks

Be smart about crowds, and stay home when you’re sick.

We’re going to continue to give Congress and the nation the best public health advice.

We’re not going to let political influence try to modulate that.

Face mask — these face masks are the most important powerful public health tool we have.

And I will continue to appeal for all Americans, all individuals in our country, to embrace these face coverings.

I’ve said it, if we did it for six, eight, 10, 12 weeks, we’d bring this pandemic under control.

These actually, we have clear scientific evidence they work, and they are our best defense. »

Pakistan's prime minister calls for rapists to be hanged or castrated after mother gang-raped

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Islamabad — Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for rapists and pedophiles to be publicly hanged or chemically or physically castrated for their crimes after a gang-rape case provoked a nationwide outcry.

Following the incident, Lahore police chief Umar Sheikh faced an angry backlash and calls for his resignation after suggesting the rape was partially the victim's fault.

In a television interview on Monday, the prime minister said that he had discussed punishment options with his cabinet for such cases. »

Maine wedding reception now linked to deaths of 7 people who didn't attend

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The August wedding reception at the Big Moose Inn in Millinocket is linked to more than 175 confirmed cases of the virus, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

Maine authorities have identified overlaps between the wedding reception and outbreaks elsewhere in the state.

An employee of the York County Jail attended the wedding, Maine CDC officials have said. »

A Thai Wedding Ceremony Explained In 14 Steps

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Most often, before any important event or holiday, a Buddhist will “make merit” to call good things into one’s life.

The monks will chant, as well as offer life lessons, and in return the family will feed them before sending them on their way.

His way will be blocked by a series of gates held up by the bride’s maids and various family members. »