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Friday September 11st, 2020 night edition

image for 'I saved his a--': Trump boasted that he protected Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after Jamal Khashoggi's brutal murder, Woodward's new book says

President Donald Trump bragged that he protected Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after the assassination and dismembering of the Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018.

"I saved his ass," Trump had said amid the US outcry over Khashoggi's killing, according to Bob Woodward's new book.

After Khashoggi's murder, Trump bypassed Congress to sell roughly $8 billion in arms to the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates.

President Donald Trump bragged that he protected Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from congressional scrutiny after the brutal assassination of the American journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Woodward wrote that Trump called him on January 22 shortly after attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The CIA concluded a little over a month later that Prince Mohammed, also known as MBS, had personally ordered Khashoggi's murder.

Trump repeatedly used executive power to block or bypass congressional efforts to cut ties with Riyadh after Khashoggi's murder. »

Opinion | ‘We’re No. 28! And Dropping!’

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The equity and inclusiveness measured by the index seem to help protect societies from the virus, he said.

“Societies that are inclusive, tolerant and better educated are better able to manage the pandemic,” Green said.

But first we need to acknowledge the reality that we are on the wrong track. »

Oregon governor issues emergency fire order; three prisons evacuated

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The state's largest firefighting helicopters are unavailable; they were deployed to Afghanistan.

Fire officials said both blazes started on the east side of the Cascades and jumped the ridges to the west.

Officials said Oregon residents should monitor the mass emergency notification systems of their local law enforcement and fire agencies. »

State of Skins and Events

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When the average number of Ezreal skins sold is about ten times higher than the average Ivern skin, we need to come up with new ways to measure performance.

Our success bar for low playrate champion skins is a combination of purchase rate and sentiment measurements.

So we decided to change our approach to how we invest our team’s time into Legendary skins. »

Dame Diana Rigg: Avengers, Bond and Game of Thrones actress dies at 82

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Actress Dame Diana Rigg, famous for roles including Emma Peel in TV series The Avengers and Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones, has died at the age of 82.

In 1990, Dame Diana won a best actress Bafta TV award for playing a difficult mother-in-law in Mother Love.

Do you have a story to tell us about Dame Diana Rigg? »