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Tuesday September 8th, 2020 day edition

image for Large Hadron Collider Creates Matter From Light

Scientists on an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider see massive W particles emerging from collisions with electromagnetic fields.

The Large Hadron Collider plays with Albert Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc², to transform matter into energy and then back into different forms of matter.

But on rare occasions, it can skip the first step and collide pure energy—in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Last year, the ATLAS experiment at the LHC observed two photons, particles of light, ricocheting off one another and producing two new photons.

This research doesn’t just illustrate the central concept governing processes inside the LHC: that energy and matter are two sides of the same coin.

It also confirms that at high enough energies, forces that seem separate in our everyday lives—electromagnetism and the weak force—are united.

Instead, you’ll see the two beams combine to form an even brighter beam of light. »

Dead chicks, delayed prescriptions: Late mail leaves rural America disconnected

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The 100 or so birds that survived tread on their dead fellows and nibbled on what remained of them.

Meanwhile, hundreds of rural pharmacies have closed in recent years, leaving residents dependent on mailed prescriptions.

That meant mail trucks were leaving processing facilities close to empty, with mail and packages left behind, mail carriers have previously told NBC News. »

John Leguizamo on 'To Wong Foo' legacy 25 years after cult film's debut

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Anybody can play anything, but the playing field is not fair that way,” Leguizamo, 56, told NBC News.

Leguizamo made the remarks ahead of the 25th anniversary of the drag queen cult classic “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything!

While never fully articulated in the film, Chi-Chi has widely been perceived as transgender by longtime fans of the film — and Leguizamo himself. »

Denver is under a winter storm watch two days after the city hit 101 degrees

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Residents of the Mile High City will go from experiencing record heat to preparing for a sudden snow storm.

The city is expecting a more than 60-degree drop in daily high temperatures, from 101 degrees on Saturday to a predicted 32 degrees on Tuesday.

A deep freeze is expected to set in Tuesday night after temperatures in the area drop, according to CNN meteorologist Michael Guy. »