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Thursday September 3rd, 2020 night edition

image for 'Scared and confused:' DHS says teachers shouldn't wear N95 masks; scientist says that makes 'no sense'

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says teachers should not wear N95 respirators to school this fall, but a scientist at Duke University says that advice makes “no sense.”

And at least one local school district will not allow staff members to wear N95 masks brought from home.

But the administration’s current guidance on face masks for teachers has one scientist scratching his head.

Dr. Martin Fischer, Ph.D. developed a simple, low-cost technique to visualize the effect of face masks on droplet emissions during normal wear.

What caught some teachers off guard was the district’s decision to ban the use of N95 masks, even on a voluntary basis.

“We would recommend people continue to wear their cloth face coverings,” said Traci DeSalvo, director of communicable diseases for DHS.

“It makes me frustrated that people aren’t taking the risks that teachers are going to be exposed to seriously,” she said. »

Biden says he’d like live onscreen fact checks to combat Trump ‘lies’ during debates

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Democratic candidate and former vice president Joe Biden said he would like an onscreen fact check ticker to counter Donald Trump’s “lies” during the upcoming debates.

He then went on to say that it would be great to have a fact check ticker at the bottom of the screen.

Cable news shows have in the past live fact-checked presidential speeches, but a debate format might prove more challenging. »

Germany has told China to stop threatening Europe as Merkel hardens her stance toward Beijing

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Germany has told China to stop threatening Europe, a sign of its hardening approach toward Beijing.

Maas said China should expect Germany and European allies to represent their "interests more confidently.".

Germany has told China to stop threatening Europe after Beijing said a politician from the Czech Republic who visited Taiwan this week would pay a "heavy price" for expressing support for the self-governing island facing Chinese subjugation. »

COVID-19 Can Wreck Your Heart, Even if You Haven’t Had Any Symptoms

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Said Rodriguez: “That’s [the heart is] the most important part of your body, so when you hear that … I was kind of scared a little.

At autopsy, pathologists were able to identify coronavirus particles present in the child’s cardiac tissue, helping to explain the virus’ direct involvement in her death.

Any such cardiac sequelae lingering weeks to months after the fact is clearly concerning, and we’re seeing more evidence of it. »

Sleep Experts Make the Case Against Daylight Saving Time

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Last week, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) entered the debate, calling for the end of DST-related time-changes altogether.

Instead, AASM leaders wrote in a statement in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, the country should abolish seasonal time changes in favor of a “fixed, national, year-round standard time.”.

According to the AASM, the biannual switch to DST poses serious health risks, as Allyson Chiu reports for the Washington Post. »