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Tuesday August 25th, 2020 morning edition

image for Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Leadership at Liberty Appears Near End

He said he met the couple in 2012 while a young pool attendant at a luxury hotel in Miami.

In a statement released Sunday evening that appeared to anticipate the revelations, Mr. Falwell conceded that his wife had engaged in an “inappropriate personal relationship” with Mr. Granda, but said that he “was not involved.”

Mr. Falwell and Ms. Falwell did not respond to requests for comment.

Mr. Falwell announced his endorsement of Mr. Trump soon afterward, surprising advisers to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who had been expecting Mr. Falwell to support his campaign.

Liberty has had a Falwell at its helm since Mr. Falwell’s father, a pastor with a taste for conservative politics, founded the school as Lynchburg Baptist College in 1971.

Jerry Falwell Sr. aimed to turn the college into a national institution and football powerhouse, with the slogan “Champions for Christ.”.

The younger Mr. Falwell appeared to fulfill his mission. »

Toll-Free Woes: Clogging Jerry's phones

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The Lynchburg, Va., televangelist has long used toll-free phone numbers to assist viewers seeking spiritual help.

The code-800 exchange has also worked well for fund raising, since those who phone in free are more likely to make pledges.

First an Atlantan who objects to TV ministers programmed his computer to dial Falwell every 30 seconds. »

The plan to turn half the world into a reserve for nature

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The idea first received public attention in 2016 when E.O. Wilson, the legendary 90-year-old conservation biologist, published the idea in his book Half Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life.

Once thought of as aspirational, many are now taking these ideas seriously, not only as a firewall to protect biodiversity, but also to mitigate continued climate warming.

Conducted by hundreds of researchers around the world, the study is considered the most comprehensive analysis of the state of the world’s biodiversity ever. »

Fury erupts outside Buckingham Palace as enraged crowds scream 'paedophile' at gates

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The footage is from a ‘Freedom For The Children Global Walk London’ protest that took place in London on Saturday.

The protest reportedly started at 1.30pm on August 22 and involved the protesters marching to Parliament Square as well as Buckingham Palace.

Prince Andrew has continuously denied any involvement with the "abhorrent" activities of Epstein through several statements from the Palace. »

Anonymous Source Tells Times Reporter Don Jr. Is Worried His Father Will Lose And Whole Family Will Be Prosecuted

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He’s like, ‘We’re losing, dude, and we’re going to get really hurt when we lose.'”.

He reports, “An electoral defeat in November, Trump Jr. fears, could result in federal prosecutions of Trump, his family, and his political allies.

But in the end, it sounds to me as though even Junior himself knows that the Trump family’s days are numbered. »