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Tuesday August 25th, 2020 day edition

image for Trump is everything the right says it hates about the left

(CNN) As Republicans watch this week's convention to renominate the President, there's one Trump 2020 bumper sticker that says it all: "No More Bullsh*t.".

Because, of course, there are few American politicians who wield more B.S. than Donald Trump.

This is just one example of how Trump is actually the opposite of what so many of his supporters believe.

And at a time when negative partisan narratives provide so much of the glue that holds together the conservative coalition, it's notable that Trump embodies almost everything the right says it hates about the left.

He is an entitled coastal elitist, an easily triggered snowflake who plays the victim card and constantly elevates feelings over thinking.

Trump is a big spending, Constitution-disregarding, dictator-coddling, traditional values-disdaining, identity politics-embracing, cancel culture-advocating craver of safe spaces.

There's nothing Trump resembles so much as a stereotype of left wingers. »

Toll-Free Woes: Clogging Jerry's phones

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The Lynchburg, Va., televangelist has long used toll-free phone numbers to assist viewers seeking spiritual help.

The code-800 exchange has also worked well for fund raising, since those who phone in free are more likely to make pledges.

First an Atlantan who objects to TV ministers programmed his computer to dial Falwell every 30 seconds. »

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Leadership at Liberty Appears Near End

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Mr. Falwell and Ms. Falwell did not respond to requests for comment.

Mr. Falwell announced his endorsement of Mr. Trump soon afterward, surprising advisers to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who had been expecting Mr. Falwell to support his campaign.

Jerry Falwell Sr. aimed to turn the college into a national institution and football powerhouse, with the slogan “Champions for Christ.”. »

Major step towards 'artificial photosynthesis' as device produces clean energy like plants, scientists claim

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The standalone device can convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into clean energy, doing so wirelessly and without any outside electricity, the Cambridge researchers who built it say.

They hope that it can be a step towards using artificial devices to mimic photosynthesis, converting sunlight into energy in the same way plants do.

An article describing the discovery, 'Molecularly engineered photocatalyst sheet for scalable solar formate production from carbon dioxide and water', is published in Nature Energy today. »

Ngāti Whātua Ōrakei distributes $1.5 million to 3000 people

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Three thousand members of the hapū, one of four sub-tribes that comprise the Ngāti Whātua iwi in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), have signed up for the annual distribution.

Registered members who enrol for Toi Tupu receive an annual distribution, when possible, from the Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Trust.

”It’s really empowering for our people, really empowering to know that our iwi wants to grow our financial wealth. »