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Monday August 17th, 2020 night edition

image for Donald Trump spends a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to 'block' mail-in ballots, says administration insider

President Donald Trump is obsessed with mail-in ballots and how to "block" Americans casting their vote by post, reported The Washington Post on Saturday.

Trump has claimed that the US Postal Service shouldn't receive more money so people cannot cast their ballots by post.

The president has claimed that mail-in voting enables widespread fraud, a claim denied by election officials.

Democrats, including former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, are accusing the president of seeking to suppress votes with his attacks on mail-in voting.

President Donald Trump is fixated on mail-in ballots and spends considerable time trying to figure out how to "block" such voting, a senior administration source told The Washington Post.

Traditionally, mail-in voting is seen to benefit the Democratic Party more than Republicans, but some recent studies have questioned that assumption.

Trump has attacked Bezos over the coverage of his administration by The Washington Post, which Bezos owns. »

How Strong are Gorillas?

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Many people research the strength of gorillas because they want to know who would win in a fight between a human and a gorilla.

I general, gorillas are 4 to 9 times stronger than the average male human being.

The grip of a silverback gorilla strength is so powerful that it could theoretically crush a crocodile's skull, although the scenario would be unlikely. »

'Trump warns presidential election result may not be known for 'years,' as allegations grow he's undermining the USPS to rig the election

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Democrats have accused Trump of seeking to stitch-up the election by refusing to provide funding for the USPS to cope with an expected surge in mail-in votes.

The president claims mail-in voting is exposed to widespread fraud, a claim dismissed by many election officials and experts.

Trump currently trails the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the polls. »

Bernie Sanders Defends Biden-Harris Ticket From Progressive Criticism: 'Trump Must Be Defeated'

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders defended the presumptive Democratic Party presidential ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from progressive criticism, saying the vast majority of liberals know the country must oust President Donald Trump.

Sanders pushed back against former members of his own campaign who are saying they are not enthusiastic about supporting the Biden-Harris ticket.

Newsweek reached out to Sanders' Vermont Senate office as well as the Biden campaign for additional remarks Sunday morning. »

Trump says he is considering pardon for leaker Edward Snowden

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he is considering a pardon for Edward Snowden, the former U.S. National Security Agency contractor - now living in Russia - whose spectacular leaks shook the U.S. intelligence community in 2013.

FILE PHOTO: Edward Snowden speaks via video link during a news conference in New York City, U.S. September 14, 2016.

Trump said on Saturday he thinks Americans on both the political left and the right are divided on Snowden. »