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Sunday August 16th, 2020 evening edition

image for 'Trump warns presidential election result may not be known for 'years,' as allegations grow he's undermining the USPS to rig the election

Democrats have accused Trump of seeking to stitch-up the election by refusing to provide funding for the USPS to cope with an expected surge in mail-in votes.

The president claims mail-in voting is exposed to widespread fraud, a claim dismissed by many election officials and experts.

Trump currently trails the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the polls.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a massive increase in the number of Americans casting mail-in votes this year is expected.

All patriots, Democrats, Independents or Republicans, should reject the President's assault on the Postal System in this election season.".

Pelosi and other top Democrats are considering bringing the House back early to address the USPS crisis, reported Axios.

Another former Democratic president, Barack Obama, had on Friday called it an attempt to "kneecap" the USPS to suppress mail-in votes. »

Self-Protection versus Fear of Stricter Firearm Regulations: Examining the Drivers of Firearm Acquisitions in the Aftermath of a Mass Shooting

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We collected data on mass shootings, federal background checks, media output on firearm control and shootings, and firearm safety laws from 1999 to 2017.

The analysis suggests that fear of stricter firearm regulations is a stronger driver than the desire of self-protection for firearm acquisitions.

Through the study of six mass shootings between 2000 and 2010, Wallacedetermined an association between mass shootings and increased National firearm acquisition. »

How Strong are Gorillas?

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Many people research the strength of gorillas because they want to know who would win in a fight between a human and a gorilla.

I general, gorillas are 4 to 9 times stronger than the average male human being.

The grip of a silverback gorilla strength is so powerful that it could theoretically crush a crocodile's skull, although the scenario would be unlikely. »

Germany's biggest union calls for 4-day week to save thousands of jobs

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The shorter week would be "the answer to structural changes in sectors such as the automotive industry," said union chair Jörg Hoffman to German national newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

IG Metall, which represents workers from major carmakers such as Audi, BMW and Porsche, is Europe's largest industrial union.

In the upcoming union talks, Hoffman said IG Metall would call for a wage increase for workers, despite the recession. »

Nebraska school district cancels classes as staff catch coronavirus

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(Reuters) - A Nebraska school district said on Saturday it had canceled classes after staff members tested positive for the new coronavirus, the latest state to see instruction disrupted after resuming in-person learning.

There is no national plan for school reopening, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has urged districts to resume in-person classes when they consider it safe.

One such Phoenix district was forced to cancel its reopening after staff said it was unsafe and called in sick for Monday. »