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Saturday August 15th, 2020 night edition

image for CDC director warns America is in for the ‘worst fall … we’ve ever had’

That would be the flu shot, as America’s annual influenza season usually begins in October before peaking between December and February.

CDC director Robert Redfield warned in a WebMD interview on Wednesday that America is bracing for “the worst fall, from a public health perspective, we’ve ever had.”.

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“We’re going to have COVID in the fall, and we’re going to have flu in the fall.

The CDC normally recommends that 60% to 70% of the country get the influenza inoculation to keep the virus under control.

‘This is a year that I’m asking people to really think deep down about getting the flu vaccine.’ ” — Dr. Robert Redfield.

In fact, less than half of Americans said they would get the COVID-19 vaccine if and when one becomes available. »

Postal carriers union endorses Biden, warns that 'survival' of USPS is at stake

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WASHINGTON — Joe Biden gained the presidential endorsement of the National Association of Letter Carriers on Friday, a union that boasts nearly 300,000 active and retired postal workers.

Rolando said the postal worker union's decision to endorse Biden is "partly informed by what we have seen from the current administration with regards to the Postal Service.".

"Since that time, we have continued to see the administration take steps outside of the public eye to undermine the Postal Service and letter carriers. »

Ryan Reynolds Opens Streaming Service That Only Streams 2003's Foolproof

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Ryan Reynolds has launched his very own streaming service with just one movie in its library, as part of a marketing campaign for Mint Mobile.

Every tech company needs a streaming service.

The world’s most affordable streaming service! — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) August 12, 2020. »

3 arrested in attack of Chili's hostess who was enforcing coronavirus dining rules

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The three suspects were part of a group of 11 people who tried to dine together at the Chili's on Constitution Avenue on Saturday.

+3 Chili's hostess says she was attacked by a group angry about coronavirus dining rules A teenage hostess at a Baton Rouge Chili's restaurant had to be treated at a hospital for injuries she sustained when a group of people attack….

The hostess, Kelsy Wallace, told them only six people could be seated, per the restrictions set during the pandemic, police said. »

Postal service seen hauling mailboxes away in trucks as Trump's pick to lead USPS makes controversial changes before election

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New reports of US Postal Service workers hauling away mailboxes in flatbed trucks and locking shut convenient drop slots have caused widespread concerns among Oregon residents about mail-in voting during the presidential election in November.

Photos that spread across social media in recent weeks showed truck beds stacked with dropbox mailboxes — large, blue Postal Service boxes in which mail can be dropped off on the side of the road without having to visit a Post Office.

The Postal Service confirmed some mailboxes have been removed from neighbourhoods in recent weeks, The Oregonian reported, with residents in Eugene and Portland alerting the local newspaper their access to contactless USPS mailing options have become increasingly limited just ahead of the crucial vote. »