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Tuesday August 11st, 2020 evening edition

image for Covid-19: New cases push New Zealand into resurgence plan

After 102 days without community transmission they are the first cases acquired from an unknown source.

The rest of New Zealand will move to level 2 at the same time.

"These three days will give us time to assess the situation, gather information, make sure we have wide-spread contact tracing," Ardern said.

Under level 3 in Auckland, people are to work from home unless they are essential workers, and stay in their bubbles.

"As we did in the early days of the virus emerging, we need to stamp it out," Bloomfield said.

People are also encouraged to use a mask "in spaces and places where it is hard to physically distance".

Bloomfield said the Covid tracer app would be essential in contact tracing, and urged people to download and use it. »

Sanders Joins Calls for Resignation or Removal of Postmaster General Over Efforts to 'Suppress the Vote and Undermine Democracy'

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"The Postmaster General should either resign or be removed from office—immediately," said Sanders.

This is a blatant attempt by Trump's handpicked Postmaster General (and campaign contributor) to sabotage the Postal Service, suppress the vote and undermine democracy.

The Postmaster General should either resign or be removed from office — immediately. »

Restaurant customers frown on automatic gratuities

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PULLMAN, Wash. – Automatic gratuities leave restaurant patrons with a bad taste, even when the meal and the service were excellent, new research from Washington State University indicates.

“People think non-voluntary tipping systems are unpopular because customers can’t punish servers for poor quality service,” Joireman said.

But when the service was high, “we found that customers were equally frustrated by non-voluntary tipping – this time because they couldn’t reward their servers.”. »

Here’s How Much Money the Cast of Friends Makes for Reruns

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Warner Bros executives aren’t the only ones happy with Friends seemingly never-ending success — the cast is, too.

That changed in season two and each cast member made a different amount (which allegedly ranged from $20,000 to $40,000 per episode).

Courteney Cox is right behind her with $120 million, David Schwimmer follows with $85 million, then Matthew Perry at $80 million. »